Goals galore and the Toon Barmy

Goals galore and the Toon Barmy

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I read this funny article (soccernet) on the EPL games at the weekend.

Click here to read it.

Chelsea lost to Liv 1-0 by the way. Didn't get to see it. Tried, watching it online but it lag too much and by the end the line was cut off.

If it wasn't for the idiot Singtel getting the rights to the Premiership for 3 years, I would have watch it via my Starhub Cable. It still riles me up.

Anyway, I took it as a chance for me to get away from watching football every week. I don't watch the Bundesliga, Italian Serie A or worse the La Liga mainly because of their schedule game timing. It's all way past midnight. Some of us have to work the next day you see. Anyway, those European dude in-charge not interested with asian football fans. So, who cares if they have the best league in the world if I'm not watching?

That's pretty much why the EPL is popular this part of the world. I can watch EPL games "live" at my timezone around 8pm-10pm-12-3am midnight games. They do have 3am midweek games but I don't watch that either unless it's a Champions League match that involves the EPL teams of course!

Want to know how popular EPL is to asian people like me?

I know the freaking name of all the EPL players, managers, teams, color of the jerseys and even the name of their dog. Okay, I don't know that but, you get what I mean.

Now, ask me the same thing about the Bundesliga, Italian Seria A, La Liga or other European leagues?

Can you hear the crickets?

Yeah, I know Barcelona Messi, Iniesta, Ronaldo (used to play for Man U) of Real Madrid and Eto of Inter Milan which I kinda support because Ronaldo used to play for them, no the other Ronaldo. The bald one from Brazil. Now, that's the kind of striker I Love!

It's not that I hate the other Leagues but, their timezone is way beyond my comfort zone and there doesn't seem to be any marketing. Anyway, they doesn't conjure the kind of excitement the EPL does for us soccer fans. Maybe, I'm fed too much with the EPL but it's been part of my life since like I was born!

I was ahemm.. born in the 70s and during that time the EPL was huge in my country. Liverpool, was the Champions of Europe back then. Although, every time I watch them play, they always seem to disappoint. That's why I just give up and started supporting Chelsea instead when I start to read how good Chelsea is playing under Glen Hoddle as their manager. Glen move on to take the job as England manager and Gullit took over but then half-way through, he was sacked and the manager job was given to Vialli. LoL!

Finally, when the Billionaire Abramovich took over Chelsea and got Jose to take over Ranieri as manager, my mind and heart to support Chelsea FC was cemented.

Despite, of all the criticism on his style of play, I actually like it. I like the ruthlessness, the professionalism the determination that Jose instilled to his players. I was hoping he will stay with Chelsea forever. In a way, he still has the unfinished business of winning the Champions League with Chelsea!

Alas, he's gone and after a few managers, Ancelotti took over. Although, his mannerism and style differs from Jose, he has done good winning the double last season. Just, hope he'll help win the elusive holy grail - The freaking Champions League!

Well, I guess that's all from me today. I was going to talk about the stupidity of the Thailand and Cambodia 'government' fighting over land but, maybe some other time.

For now, good day, peace.. and enjoy your football!

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