Thursday, February 03, 2011

Jerusalem UFO 2011! - Witness Video 4 Syncronized

Holy, macaroni!


I just log on to my PC and that's the first piece of news that captured my eyes.

But, I've also seen kind of a similar vid of a 'form' hover over Kaabah too. You can look it up at Youtube.

As, Muslim we do believe in angels, the after life, Jesus (Isa a.s.) and end of days.

I wonder if the light over the "Dome of the Rock" is a sign of something that is soon to come or already beginning.

People, been talking about the coming Apocalypse in 2012.

With, all the shit that's going on nowadays, you wonder.

Economic disaster, war disaster, political disaster, environment disaster. Things, are simply getting from bad to worse.

I just realize while typing this that Islam been on the decline even from within and I wonder if something gonna happen that's gonna change that.

When, (the people) Islam change, the World will change.

Let's see ...