Saturday, February 05, 2011

Fernando Torres' exit from Liverpool leaves bitter taste - Sid Lowe -

Fernando Torres' exit from Liverpool leaves bitter taste - Sid Lowe -

I read this well written article bout some of the reason Torres might have for leaving Liverpool.

Of course, everyone have their own opinion.

My friend who supports Liverpool thinks we (Chelsea FC) got the bad end of the bargain as Torres seems to always injured.

But, I beg to differ as we all know how good as a player he is and one thing for sure he'll help us score.

Anyway, I told my friend, Liverpool been depending too much on Torres and played him almost in every game and that's one of the reason he's always injured. Furthermore, he's too tired what with playing in the European and World Cup.

With Chelsea, we have Anelka, Drogba, malouda, lampard and even ashley cole who could score goals too. Thus, lifting the heavy burden solely from Torres shoulders.

He'll have more rest and at least after reading the article, peace of mind, from all the board politics!

I can see great future for him with Chelsea. Just hope, finally we will win that damn Champions League!!