Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Oil spike to spoil US economy bubble

Oil spike to spoil US economy bubble

The U.S. might not be the only one feeling the pinch right now.

Europe and Asia are feeling the heat too.

This crisis is certainly hitting all of us hard.

I'm still wondering if 2012 doom and gloom apocalyptic is coming true.

This crisis are getting from bad to worse and it might going to be an epic world f**ckin disaster!

It might not be going to impact the world so much if only one country is going through a 'revolution' but right now it's almost all of the Middle east and African Nation ( we haven't even talk about Europe!).

I just hope we're not nearing 'Armageddon'.

It's really that serious. The signs are all there.

I'm just watching the whole situation from afar right now.

You never know..

A couple of post ago, I've had advised you to save up on food and other daily essentials for at least 6 month. If you still haven't do it. This might be a good time. Okay, I'm not asking you to panic now (should we?) but it's better to be prepared.

Price and everything else could be rising in the not so near future (or has it already?). Just hope I'm wrong.

If the world leaders are not doing anything to help 'curbed' the unrest in several part of the world right now, things might certainly get worse.

But, I'm not just talking about one country leaders, I'm talking the whole world leaders.

Where's the UN?

They should be the 'middle man' in all of this crisis. They should have come in to Iraq, settle the Palestinian and Israel land dispute. Reigned in North Korea etc. etc. Okay, I know it's not easy. It's not like you're trying to settle dispute between two kids (more like between two buffoons). But, they have the world leaders at their disposal. Top man, top negotiator and top team to settle all of this crisis.

In this day of age, there should be no more saying "Oh, let's their own people sought things out, why should we get involved?".

Hello, all this border is man-made. We are all human of the same species. We're like brothers. If our right hand get's injured the bloody whole body will feel the pain. Get it?

All of this rubbish, have been dragged on for far too long. That's why the world is in the state it is right now.

Look, I'm no expert but if you see a small, UN-control fire in your house would you immediately put it out or wait until it grew BIG and then call the Fireman?

Ahh ..the world is going bonk-case my dear reader.

I'll stop my rambling for now.

Take care and stay safe.