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CityVille level strategy - Look for Active CityVille Friends!

CityVille level strategy - Looking for Active CityVille Gamers!

Hey guys,

CityVille is the new 3D game features and launched in November 2010. It is the Zyngas first game which have 3D rendered buildings and characters.

City Ville has been used by millions and millions of players. It is all about building your own city and expanding it with great opportunities of collecting coins and cash, increasing population and building relationship with neighbors, having your own business plus collecting several items for claiming bonus prizes.

This game is fun for children and adults. It is a great strategical game with fun time experience. There is also the feeling of competition with the neighbors that it makes more interesting and enthusiastic.

Facebook is perhaps one of the most successful social networking sites today, as it is updated and to make perhaps the misadventures of your friends and contacts with them virtually. But apart from the socializing and finding old and new friends, another thing that attracts the many to sign up to Facebook are the many virtual games that anyone can play. Perhaps one of the most popular among the young and old is Cityville.

Starting your City

Cityville can indeed be addictive as it allows you to create your own city and build your own empire. Everything is in your liberty as you may choose to expand your city and make it as big as you want.

Now, starting a city can really be easy as upon signing up, you will be given a certain patch of land that can be expanded and develop. You also need to plant crops so that you can conveniently supply your businesses and make sure that your citizens are well provided.

Increase the City Ville neighbors in a big city, you need the help from your friends. This is why it is important that you have Cityville neighbors. Their frequent visits to your country may enable to provide assistance, rent collecting, harvesting, and the customer they'll be sending to your business.

You neighbors can also supply you with goods as well as provide you with presents and things that will help you complete the list of goals for your city. You may also be dependent on buildings in your community. At the same time, you can also visit their town and provide them with assistance as you can also be rewarded by doing so.

Inviting Cityville neighbors can really be easy. Once they accepted your request, then you can now visit their towns and provide them with the help they need.

Having active neighbor that plays CityVille is an advantage for you to success in playing CityVille.

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Happy gaming!

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