Backlash? Wave of terror feared in Europe over Libya intervention

Backlash? Wave of terror feared in Europe over Libya intervention

With or without the Libyan intervention, terrorist are still plotting. It's their day job. As long as the problem in Palestine-Israel conflicts aren't settled there won't be change in the Arab world.

Would you expect less from the 'terrorist'?

Terrorist, aren't stupid. They use guerrilla warfare tactics. They use propaganda, they use internet, they use religion, government and of course they used the people.

The western world says they support the right of a women but why does the headscarf for the Muslim women not allowed?

That's not freedom of speech or civil, that's dictatorship (plus stupidity).

Most of the time, I can't blame these 'ignorances'. Failure, to understand other cultures. Islam, is now not just having conflicts from outsiders but from insiders(nothing new there) too. Although, since the day the prophet died, those greedy for power have used Islam for their own selfish agenda.

Ahh.. the quest for power, money and status in this temporary world. Since, the time of Adam, haven't we learn all through mankind lifetime?

Nowadays, everybody is on edge. Everybody, wants something i.e. land, water and food.

It's getting from bad to worse and it's because the end of the world is coming. While, others are busy planning to kill each other, they forget to plan for what God's promise on the other side.

God, has send messengers, prophets, advice and warning through the Torah, the Bible and the Quran. And, they still don't get it.

If earth, the plants, the seas, the trees and the caterpillar can speak, they will say how foolish mankind are, how stupid and forgetful what they have promised God.

I can carry on, talk about it on this post. But, as I'm posting this, people are still being bombed, tortured, dying of hunger and cold.

Maybe, it's time God just make the Sun die and our whole universe collapse and we all die instantly, cause really, there's nothing more to live for right now.

The heart of a man is just a black piece of dying meat.

We won't change.

Enough, time is given to us.

P.S. Before you talk or say anything about Islam, do yourself a favor and read some books on it. Ignorance, only breed insanity.

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