Thursday, March 03, 2011

Apple iPad 2 hands-on: Predictable, awesome

Apple iPad 2 hands-on: Predictable, awesome

The iPad 2 is out and I still haven't even got the first iPad.

I don't really see the value of getting an iPad as I prefer getting the gaming laptop Mllx by Dell.

But, the iPad is pretty cool though. And, since I've bought lots of games for my iPhone, I can actually see myself downloading the games to the iPad, if I ever bought it.

That's one of the cool things about having the iPad. What I like is that, I can download and re-download the games or apps that I've bought before which I can't do with other products like my mobile phone games.

One time, I had to reformat my phone and guess what? All the games that I've bought had gone and I can't freaking re-download the games that I've bought. I was so damn fed-up. That's why I love that Apple allow us to download the apps that we've purchased on iTunes anytime and anywhere. Even, if you have bought the latest iPhone or iPad.

Anyway, click here to read up more on the article at Cnet.

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