Having An Affair in Marriage When You Are Married? Where to seek help

Having An Affair in Marriage When You Are Married? Where to seek help

Hello guys,

What's happening in the world right now?

Did you know more and more people are having affairs because it's easy?

The funny thing is, extra marital affairs seem to be socially acceptable nowadays. But, the basic reasons why people have affairs seems to come down to a poor sex life and for simply fun purposes.

The World Wide Web is being bombarded with sites that enable these people to interact and actually make a date with some married men or women. Instead of going to blind dates, old school dating services such as escorts or even "bar hoping", there are easy ways to engage in no strings attached meetings.

The amounts of extra marital affairs are staggering these days and there really doesn't seem to be any slowing down in the near future. People are starting to get more in tune with what they want and are willing to do what ever they feel is necessary to get it.

If you felt like you were missing something and you couldn't financially leave your current relationship to go out and get it, what would the next best alternative be? Having an affair without the chance of getting caught. The fact that these websites allow you to keep your identity hidden only makes it that much easier.

The discovery that your partner and best friend allegedly having an affair is devastating news to say the least.

Does it mean that your once perfect marriage is over? Does it also mean that you're now faced with a life on your own and suddenly single again? In most cases, an affair will signal the end of a marriage, but there are some couples who defy the odds and manage to bring back their marriage from the depths of despair.

How to survive an affair, in which many people cannot?

I can only say that anyone that does save their marriage from a situation like this deserves to be applauded for their ability to forgive and move on. It will take a very special person to forgive such an act of betrayal, but obviously there are some special people out there.

You will know in your own heart whether you have the ability (or desire) to do this and how much your marriage actually means to you. Just imagine for a moment, what it would be like to get your marriage back to what it was.

Really think about this - would you rather be in the divorce courts or would you rather, work through your issues and put this awful situation behind you?

 The latter is a much better option and if you feel this is what you want, then you and your partner need to do some serious soul searching and identify what obstacles are holding your marriage back.

If you can do this, you may be able to overcome your present difficulties. Your wedding is not over, despite your initial thoughts. There are many marriages that have survived an affair. Use these to inspire you as you start thinking about your future and your troubled marriage.

You can't keep asking how to survive an affair forever. Or do you want to work on ways to fix your marriage?

There are no half way measures in this predicament so give yourself time to gather your thoughts and let your heart tell you the best way to move forward.

If you're at a lost in what to do in this situation you can always go for couples counseling or you can try to work it out with your partner together (if he wants to).

If you're reading this and desperately looking for ways to mend your relationship and looking for some marriage tips then look no further then Dr. Frank Step-by-Step System For Saving Your Relationship After It's Been Shattered By An Affair.

Click here to learn how to surviving infidelity and affair in marriage.

Visit his site and read more on his system and how it can help you survive affair in marriage.

His system has helped countless couples and it might help in yours too.

Testimonials from those surviving an affair

These are real testimonies, from real people that have gone through my system. They cover everything from repairing their emotions to rebuilding the trust back into their marriage. Please go through them and experience the kind of transformation that is possible with my system.

"I learned how to start trusting my wife again."

"You are a big help! You taught me how to take my wife's reassurance at face value and quit doubting her sincerity. After doing that I learned how to start trusting my wife again."

David Woodmansee
Moore, OK

"...we are starting over with a clean slate"

I have been working for a long time trying to rebuild trust with my husband after his affair. He felt that just because he was sorry and wanted to work it out that I should IMMEDIATELY trust him again and stopped talking about the affair.

However I still had questions that were haunting me and could not move forward. Once he read your section on how to rebuild the trust, he understood more about what I needed from him!

It is amazing that some of the things mentioned in your section are exactly what I wanted to happen. Of course when I said it, he didn't give much thought to it but I guess seeing it in writing from an actual author made it real.

After reading just this one section and understanding what I needed from him my husband agreed to answer ANY question in regards to his affair that I had. Believe me it wasn't easy for either one of us to actually have to tell the truth about what happened on his part and for me to hear it.

But now for the first time I honestly feel like we are starting over with a clean slate.

Thank you Dr. Gunzburg!"

Nicole Williams
Oceanside, CA

"I feel more secure and feel that I can begin to trust him again."

"Building trust has been the biggest challenge for us and at times appeared to be impossible. The tips that you provided have been great because it has made my spouse understand my feeling s and needs better and I feel more secure and feel that I can begin to trust him again. Thanks!"

Lylla Childress
Cary, NY

"you made us more understanding, open and empathetic to each other."

"Dr. Gunzburg, you helped to restore the trust in my relationship by letting my spouse and myself both know what we were feeling and going through.

We learned that what we are feeling and going through is okay and part of the healing process and you also taught us what the other person is feeling and you made us more understanding, open and empathetic to each other.

You gave me hope to not to give up when we hit a rough patch, but to continue what we were doing and just keep communicating until that rough patch passed, which they do more easily and quickly now."

Rhonda Elkins
Baltimore, MD

"I could have used this information early on."

"I would have liked to have had this information when I first learned about the affair. I could have used this information early on."

Doug Saylor
Snow Shoe, PA

Click here to learn how to surviving infidelity and affair in marriage.

To your Relationship success.

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