Putin: UN Libya resolution defective, reminds of Medieval call for Crusade

Putin: UN Libya resolution defective, reminds of Medieval call for Crusade

I like this guy. He offers something different.

Although, I wonder why he always seems to be in conflict
in whatever the U.S. do. Maybe, it warrant such?

All this are just political satire.

For every action a government take there's always a
reason behind it.

If your neighbor have an internal family conflicts
fight would you try to do something about it
or just ignore them as domestics unrest?

Is it better to gather your other neighbors to help
in trying to curb violence escalating or try to
do it alone?

Will you go all gun blazing or pull the two parties
together, sit them down and let them resolves the
conflict in a calm win-win situation?

I just remember this Japanese saying (in a movie)
"a good sword stays inside it's sheath".

Sometime, you can win war without ever drawing out
your sword.

Give you something to think about eh?

Have a good day!

P.S. I hope this middle east crisis aren't going
to escalates into bigger war.

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