Saturday, March 19, 2011

Radioactive Kamikaze: Saving Japan from Fukushima meltdown

Radioactive Kamikaze: Saving Japan from Fukushima meltdown

Kamikaze alright.. we're all going to be sacrificed when nuclear is concern.

I wonder if there's actually any plan 'c' in the case of nuclear meltdown.

And to think Sg was thinking of going nuclear too.. dumb dee dumb dumb ..

Just got me thinking, what's on for the rest of the year and what it would be
like in 2012. Better year? Or just an on-going of crisis after crisis - again.

Okay, let me see the calender year for 2011 so far.

  • Terrorism - check
  • War - check
  • Overthrow dictatorship - check
  • Palestinian and Israel - check (forever)
  • Afghanistan still in shit - check
  • Iraq still in shit - check
  • let's just say whole of middle east in shit - check and double check
  • Islam-phobia - still in check ( and growing )
  • Earthquake + Tsunami + Nuclear Meltdown - triple check! (New record!)
  • World economy still in shit - check
  • Shitty weather? - I won't know as I'm indoors most of the time
  • Food + Water shortage - ( well, I've been watching closely for this point ) 
  • Chelsea still can't win the Champions League? (I'll have to look back at this list later on)
Okay, I'm cracking my brain here. If anyone of you wanna add to the list carry on at the comment - check.

Ahh... 2012 seems so promising in adding more disaster to the list.

It ain't a perfect world after all!