Sunday, March 06, 2011

The Fourth Kind - Featurette - Paranormal Theories

The Fourth Kind - Featurette - Paranormal Theories

Okay, I just saw this movie on my cable Tv. It intrigued me so that I look it up online on Google and YouTube.

I don't know what to think. It comes across as faked and also at the same time seems so true (the experience).

When you see the 'real' footage video it looked as if they're possessed. They speak in 'alien' voice and claimed to be of all thing 'God'?

The only 'evil' thing that will proclaimed to be 'God' to my knowledge is the 'Dajjal' or the 'Anti-Christ'.

That's the part that actually makes me think.

If you watched all the movie of body possessions, they only claimed to be part of the Satan Clan. I've never heard of anyone or anything possessed to be 'God'.

What does all this mean?

In my belief, I know there's world beyond my world. But, this Alien thing is not part of my belief. The problem is, nobody will believe anything unless they see it for themselves. Seeing is believing?

Then again, others wouldn't believe or want to believe what you believe either. Even if it's true!

I think, it's not important if you believe in Alien or Anti-Christ or whatever is out there. One day, when all these 'things' finally decided to show themselves to the world, then everybody will have no choice but to admit it's there.

The Universe is mysterious because we don't know what is out there or what it's hiding behind the cloaked that hide from our 'truth'.

Like I've said, it's not important if you believe. If it's there, it's there.

End of story.