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Is a boy or a girl - prince or princess by alicia pennington

Is a Boy or a Girl - Prince or Princess by Alicia Pennington

Hello guys,

Many people tell me that they assume this comes down to luck, your family history, whether the woman had an orgasm or not, or the quality of the man's sperm.

Through some reading, In the following article, I'll tell you which things most determine whether you ultimately have a boy or a girl baby.

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Now, there are many things that can influence this outcome. But as soon as the sperm that fertilized, the egg, the sex of the child is set.

The baby's mother, being female, can only provide an X. But the father, with males, has put the possibility of either an X or Y. He releases equal parts of these which race around and fight for the egg.

If the end result is XX, then you will be the mother of a girl. If the result is XY, then the baby will be male. But if you want a boy, then you're obviously pulling for the X's. And frankly, everything does come down to the XX and XY equation.

The X's and Y's each have different strengths and weaknesses and therefore behave differently in different environments and time lines. That's why if you want a girl baby, it's to your great benefit to have intercourse before ovulation.

And because girls have this unfair advantage if you want a boy, you have to wait until after having sex after ovulation takes place to ensure that there are many boys died by the time the egg actually viable and available.

The Mother's PH And Acidity Is Important Also: Remember when I said that these sperm behave differently depending upon their environment. Well, that is to produce an acid an unfortunate break for the guy or Y sperm.

It exposes their vulnerabilities and makes them die off even faster. If it's a boy you want, then you're best bet is to become alkaline instead. That's why people use their diet, douching, or both to change their PH.

Sexual Positions At The Time Of Conception Help Determine Your Baby's Gender As Well: Sometimes, I find that people assume that the couple's favorite or most used sexual position influence their baby's gender.

The only time sexual positioning comes into play is when it actually results in a conception. What's at stake is how the sperm is sent to the egg at the time of conception. And the moment when the penetration depth is used, it is faster, a boy, because the distance and the time is reduced.

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To your Family Planning success.

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