Monday, March 30, 2020

CORONAVIRUS COVID-19 2020 Pandemic News Compilations - The Day The Earth Stool Still

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I thought of doing this yesterday night and finally, it's done and uploaded on my youtube channel. A news compilation videos of how and when the virus starts. Also, include what's been happening in hospitals all over the world that has been hit hard.

In the beginning, not many realized how serious the virus is. And, some, especially the young don't even care if the virus spreads and killing the older generations. People were going to beaches, pubs, clubs, concerts, and parties. Inadvertently, spreading the virus to others.

Thousands are already infected and dead before, mayors and the governor and even the president of the U.S. denying the virus saying it's a hoax contorted by the democrat's party. The governor of New York City, California, and other states are now preparing for the worst to come. Makeshifts hospitals have been prepared with ventilators to help projected incoming patients.

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Mental Health Guide: Strategies to manage mood effectively in times of Global Distress

They're all learning from the cases in Italy which is the hardest hit followed by Spain and the U.K. Apparently, the prime minister of Britain himself been infected with mild cases and now under quarantine in his home. In the meantime, China has started to open up its countries and calling people back to work. With some wondering, if it's too early.

Asia, of course, has not been spared. South Koreans have managed to control and contained the virus. Everyone saying how the world should follow the Koreans model of stopping it from getting worse. India is only now on lockdown but having too many poor people all wanting to go back home with no money or food. Things could get much worst.

Iran themselves have been denying how bad the Covid-19 has been affecting their country. Even though their own health minister has been infected. And, been spreading it around himself. Singapore and other ASEAN government have started their own stimulus packaged to help cope with the economic downturn. Which, obviously been hurting companies, big or small.

Economics in the Age of COVID-19 (MIT Press First Reads)

There are those who love conspiracy theories and frankly, I'm keeping an open mind. Some have definitely taken advantage of the coronavirus pandemic by selling off stocks they owned. Even then, no real investigations have been done.

Right now, the only thing people are concentrating on is finding the cure and telling people to stay at home. Which some Italy mayors are having a hard time trying to make the people listen to them. You can see the videos of them even threatening the people that disobey.

One of the silver linings is that the animals are actually coming back to enjoy the relative peace. That once was taken over by humans. Dolphins, birds are all enjoying their freedom. The air pollution has actually been down since people start staying at home. Although, that would only be temporary as the Chinese have started to open up their factories again.

All eyes are now to the U.S. where they're battling to stop the virus from getting worse. It's still early yet and they're all bracing for the worse to come. They have already top China with 100k infected and almost two thousand deaths.

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Let just hope the people listen and stay at home so that the health system wouldn't be overwhelmed. It's basically a test to see how the Americans cope with this new disease. We all know, this would not be the first and the last.

If the world can cope with the covid-19, and get out of this virus attack. I hope they would learn to always be prepared for the worst. Mother nature, always know how best to teach the human to respect it. Now, let the animals have their fun and let nature rest even for a while.

What you guys think?

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Stay home and stay safe!

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