Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Gamer All Over the World Unite Destroys COVID-19 by Gaming!

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Hey guys,

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A gamer has always preferred staying at home to play games. We are called so many things like being anti-social, introverts and even killers for playing 'violent' games. So, now, everyone is told to 'quarantine' themselves at home. How ironic is that?

Take a look outside and see how peaceful and quiet the roads are right now. Nature and mother earth is sick and tired of humankind destroying everything. They cut too many trees, dig way too many holes, pollute the air and even the 7 seas.

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Gamer is also in a way adapted to crises because we play every kind of game available like survival games. We stocked up on food and drinks in our 'bunkers'. Sometimes, we don't even eat or drink. We only go out when necessary and come back quickly home. As much as possible we avoid over-crowded places.

Gamer sticks to their room and does what they do best. Gaming. Whatever the craps humankind is doing outside is their problem. And, when shit hits the fan, we are already comfortable at home, well prepared for the long haul. Time and again, we are told to go out and stop playing games. Well, welcome to our world.

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What is COVID-19? A new game? Do gamers care? Nope? Why should we, when we're not the one spreading it all around. If humankind had stuck to the rules and avoid doing craps that could endanger the human species, we wouldn't be in this predicament. Will they learn? Unlikely, so. This is not even the first time, we've been attacked by viruses.

Gamer, all over the world unite and let's destroy the coronavirus by doing what we do best. Stick to our mom's basement and avoid all human contacts. We can chat online and be peaceful in our own bunkers. Living our own way of life. The best possible and safest way.

There are still games out there we haven't finished. So, now without being harras to go out and meet people. Let's enjoy the peace and quiet we so deserved. By the way, guys, don't forget to keep stocking up on foods and supplies. We do it the best way, order it online on Amazon!

What you guys think?

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Happy gaming!

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