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Why I Prefer Using Triggers Instead of Controller For PUBG COD Mobile Shooter Games

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Since I got myself these triggers to play PUBG and Call of Duty mobile, I find it works as good as a normal controller. But, there are advantages and disadvantages of course. For one thing, you have to forgo the use of joysticks and buttons.

I've been ignoring these PUBG triggers for a long time and only prefer to play with a real gamepad like my GOW, gears of war 4 Xbox one s controller. I also bought other mobile gamepads like the Mocute 058 and the iPega 9087s.

The mobile gamepads work pretty well. But the mocute 058 seems to like to disconnect halfway while I'm playing a game. And, the iPega 9087s didn't fit my Samsung Note 10+ 6.8 inch size. It did fit the Ak16 gamepad though.

I actually like Ak16. It's a little tight but once you fit it in, you can actually just leave it on. It's not too bulky and very nice to hold with the ergonomic design. Only, it blocks my camera view. I like taking food pictures so, a little too troublesome having to take it off and put it on again.

Mobile Game Controller Upgrade Joysticks Pack (Adjustable Transparent Button)

In the end, I bought these transparent triggers. Which looks nice and also has the trigger design. You can tighten the triggers to the phone with the screws. Which will not move around while you're playing. And, of course, I don't have to worry about it blocking my phone camera.

People who watched my ipega red knight 9087s youtube video keep telling me that they're having a problem with the connections. It's supposed to work right out the box. And, you'll need the V3 app to remap the buttons. With these mechanical triggers, you don't have to worry about all that.

All you have to do is go to the game settings and customize the layout buttons. I find that different shooter games have different ways of playing. So, I customize the layout buttons to the way, I want to play. For COD mobile, I'll use my right trigger with ADS. And the left for walking with your head low, kneeling, etc.

In PUBG mobile, my right trigger is for shooting and the left the same as the COD setting. But, in pubg, there are no ADS. So, I'll have to use my left thumb to tap for scope. A little troublesome and slower. Especially, when you'll prefer it to be auto like in COD.

If I'm playing Shadowgun War Games, my left trigger is set to throw a grenade. You can't lower your head or kneel in it. It's not that tactical. Anyway, in PUBG and COD, you can't customize the grenade button layout. So, it pretty much depends on your preferences while playing each game.

I find that once, I set the layout of the buttons to my preferences, I play a little better and having more fun. It'll take a couple of games to finally settled on the layout and adjusting to the gameplay but it's worth it. No more worries about re-charging, buying apps, camera phone blocking. Heck, I prefer keeping the triggers on the phone.

4Pcs PUBG Trigger Mobile Game Controller Cell Phone Game Triggers Gamepad Sensitive Shoot and Aim Buttons Shooter Handgrip for Fortnite, PUBG Joystick Fire Button - 2 Pair(L1R1)

I am thinking of getting the twin triggers type though. Which have 4 triggers? It'll be useful and faster than looking for the button on the screen. That's one of the disadvantages of not playing with a real controller. You can't play with instincts.

Also, longer triggers will be useful when I'm playing my favorite pinball games. All you have to do is turn the game around and you'll be able to play the game with the triggers. Beat, just tapping on the screen. It might block your views at the top though.

Anyway, there are lots of mechanical triggers you can check out here on Amazon. The trick is to find one that suits your playing style. I think I've found mine and I'm enjoying it.

What you guys think?

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Happy triggering!

P.S. LFJNET 2pcs R11 Mobile Phone Gamepad Joystick Button Trigger for PUBG R11 Chicken Game Auxiliary Artifact

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