Sunday, March 22, 2020

CONTAGION Movie Sudden Relevance To Coronavirus Cast Interviews

Contagion The Movie(2011)

Hey guys,

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The latest news from Italy state that almost 600 people died from Covid-19 within a day. So, it's getting worse. And, there's already around 18,000 infected in the U.S. I must say, I have never seen so much news and death from a single virus in my whole lifetime. It's like being in a movie!

Watch this movie that everyone is talking about that seems to prophecize what's happening right now:

Contagion The Movie(2011)

"Contagion" follows the rapid progress of a lethal airborne virus that kills within days, as the worldwide medical community races to find a cure.

The government supposed to have been prepared for such an event so that they will be able to manage if such things happened. Apparently, you have an #trumpisanincompetenceidiot president that actually closed down the department that could have acted early to save lives.

People's lives are at stake now and you don't want America to become another Italy nightmares. The doctor there has been warning the world about how dangerous the virus is and being prepared is half the battle won. That's what Sun Tsu Art of War states.

Well, I hope you guys stay safe and stay indoors. I'm still seeing people walking around as if nothing is happening. You have the coronavirus that can easily infect another person just by breathing. I've been sounding the alarms since the first time I heard about the virus in Wuhan.

If you guys been reading my post since probably this January. I hope you had heeded my advice then and been prepared by stocking up. This might take up almost till the end of the year to settle down. Hopefully sooner. I'll update whenever I can.

Chances favor the prepared mind!

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Stay home and be safe!

P.S. Contagion The Movie(2011)

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