Friday, March 20, 2020

CORONAVIRUS Remind me of M Night Shyamalan The Happening Movie?

Click here to watch M.Night Shyamalan The Happening

Hey guys,

Check it out!

Hope ya'll doing great. In spite of having to self-quarantine. What's better than watching survival movies while riding out this coronavirus storm?

Click here to watch M.Night Shyamalan The Happening

There's no doubt about it, the coronavirus is deadly mainly to the sick and older generations especially those with pre-conditioned sickness. Actually, I probably count myself and my mom as those that can be susceptible to the virus.

Prepping for a Pandemic: Life-Saving Supplies, Skills and Plans for Surviving an Outbreak (Preppers)

I and my mom have a history of breath shortness. She's been hospitalized a couple of times. While I have breathing problems since I was born. Worst, I have a broken nose and there's still plastics up my nose today. I have a sinus problem and also cough a lot. No, I'm not a smoker and I don't drink alcohol.

An alarm specialist contractor is curious every time he comes back to my workplace, my cough still hasn't been cured. Well, one time, a couple years back, I had no choice and went to see the doctor because my ribs actually hurt every time I cough. I couldn't even sleep properly.

The doctor recommend an X-ray which turns out, I had chest infections. I'm a non-smoker but most of my colleagues smoke a lot. I used to stand around them during a smoke break. That's probably how I got chest infections.

I got over it but since I also drink sweet cold drinks a lot, I'm still coughing till today. It doesn't help that I've got a sinus problem too. So, I'll be coughing and spitting all day long. Now with the coronavirus, I had better control myself or they'll be looking at me like I'm infected.

The Happening

Nowadays, I kept remembering all those virus pandemic survival movies that I had watched before and just now, I had watched a doctor youtube video reading an Italian doctor experienced in the frontline. From empty spaces to overcrowded and panic.

The way the Italian describes his experience step by step is just like a pandemic movie. The Happening movie in some way is eerily like the virus. Although we already know the source and people can easily be infected just by breathing the same air.

You can run but it will in some way catch up with you. If you're not careful. Hence, people are now having to quarantine themselves and avoid as much contact as possible. Remember, someone with the virus can just easily cough out the virus and it'll land on everything.

People should be buying masks and gloves. And, not just the mask. What's the use of the mask if your hand touched the doorknobs that someone infected has? If you're looking for some masks and gloves, get it via the links below.

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The streets and car parks around my area are pretty quiet. I still see a few people walking around. Maybe, getting some food or doing their groceries. Yes, a couple weeks back, people were panicking and buying out stocks.

Shelves were pretty much empty. Damn idiots. The government has been trying to calm them down but it doesn't seem to help. Everyone for themselves. Like I've said before, their reactions are pretty much like in these disasters and pandemic movies.

What you guys think?

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Stay healthy!

P.S. Click here to watch M.Night Shyamalan The Happening

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