Sunday, March 29, 2020


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Yesterday, I decided to download and check out the Battle Prime multiplayer FPS shooter game and I'm pretty impressed. I read the feedback and one guy even said, he thinks the game is even better then pubg and call of duty combine.

One thing I like is the various maps you can play right out the bat. The maps look really good and it's really console-like. I like the guns and how they sound. Playing with just my two triggers and the rumble effects on my Samsung Note 10+ phone makes the experience more awesome.

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I just wished that there's a single story version of the game. Like Shadowgun Legends which is like an RPG game where you can go and meet people or buy and sell guns, gears and even take up missions. Which is really fun.

The Battle Prime has a subscription payment system which I don't really understand how it works. For me, I've never subscribed to pay for any games. I've never done any in-games purchased either. Although, sometimes, I do feel tempted.

I'll rather pay for the whole game then having to pay for almost a couple hundred bucks for a few items. It doesn't make sense. The other day, I read a parent is sue-ing a game company because the child spends almost $1000 for in-game items!

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Of course, this isn't anything new. That's how mobile gaming is set up right now. I remember the good old days when I can pay one time for a game that I like. There's a couple of games that I bought before but they change it to a free-to-play crap. How can that be? What happened to the games I've already bought?

The game developers nowadays are lazy and greedy. They create ONE game and milk the heck out of the gamers. I find it funny that those who fall for this are the new generation of gamers. I used to buy and play games. Now, I don't. I just play a few games that have controller supports and delete the rest.

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I do buy good games that came out for my Xbox and Nintendo switch though. That's the saving grace. It's kinda sad that mobile gaming graphics have really improved but you don't have good full games to play on it.

Remember, you can now dock your mobile phone and play games on a portable monitor or a big screen Tv. Just like the Nintendo switch. But, most game devs only create stupid, auto-play, touch games for it. How you gonna play the game on Tv without controller support?

I'm really exasperated at how degrading the mobile games today are. Back then, I was hoping in the future, mobile games will be on par with console gaming and I'll be able to play with my Xbox or ps3 controller. Turn out, it's more for casual and children gamers. Oh, that's willing to keep paying for items with their parent's credit cards. WTF!?

What you guys think?

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Stay at home and happy gaming!

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