Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Nintendo Switch Lite Resident Evil Zero gameplay

Resident Evil Origins Collection - Nintendo Switch

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After I got myself the 512GB MicroSD card. I've been checking out the eShop latest deals. Right now, there's a few I've got and some, I haven't yet decided. I did decide to get Resident Evil Zero for my Nintendo Switch lite. And, I'm loving it!

If decades ago, I tell you that you'll be able to play resident evil on a small handheld portable console, you'll think I'm crazy. But, here I am playing one iteration of the game. The gameplay is really smooth and looks pretty good on the switch lite.

What I really like most is that, I can just pick up the switch lite and play anytime and anywhere I'm at. I could be playing this on the bus, train and the plane. I could play this while on a lunch break or when I'm on a holiday somewhere without having to bring along an Xbox or PS4.

Resident Evil Origins Collection - Nintendo Switch

Resident Evil Triple Pack - Nintendo Switch

Resident Evil Revelations Collection - Standard Edition - Nintendo Switch

Okay. These games aren't actually new. And, there are some versions on the PSP or 3DS. But, on the switch, the quality is much better and you can play it both in handheld mode and also by docking to play on the big screen Tv.

Also, now you are starting to see Triple AAA game dev getting their popular PC and console games on the Nintendo Switch. This means you can play your favorite games on handheld mode pretty much whenever you feel like it.

I'm still waiting for my favorite shooter game like Call of Duty, Battlefield, and Dirt, Need for Speed, Forza racing game on the switch. I would also love to play Gears of War on my Switch lite too. There are so many other popular 'oldies' that can possibly come to the switch.

Imagine, having all these games either in digital format or cartridges right at your fingertips. I'm really loving my switch lite. Besides gaming, I also like watching youtube videos and listening to music at night. Too bad, there's no Spotify or Netflix on it.

Yeah, you can listen to music and watch a movie on the phone like some argue. But, won't you rather enjoy entertainment on the switch and save your phone for more important usage, like for work? Sometime, you'll see some people have two phones. Why? Because, one is for gaming, entertainment and the other is usually for work and communication.

Anyway, if one or the other needs to be charged, you'll have something else to use while waiting. What you guys think?

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Happy portable gaming!

P.S. Resident Evil Origins Collection - Nintendo Switch

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