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The Coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic got me thinking. Everyone, been talking too. Will life ever be the same after this pandemic with social distancing? Will all outdoor activities, sports, concerts be a thing of the past?

We had a lot of new viruses coming out these few decades like SARS, MERS, HIV, ZIKA, EBOLA, etc. For one thing, they're getting stronger and mutated. The Covid-19 is one that transfers between humans pretty easily and fast. It's also unpredictable with mild or serious that you can die within a few days.

The Coming Pandemic

That's when I got thinking about how AI robots could be taking over our lives in the future. Of course, there are already certain industries that have been using robotics to produce our latest technology like cars and mobile phones.

Right now, you're not seeing any robots that are walking around doing an errand for us. Amazon actually using robotics in their warehouse and also drones for delivery. In this kind of pandemic that's better than depending on a human that could be infected.

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I watch a youtube video where neighbors are helping some elderly folks that couldn't go out to get their own medicals or food supplies. They send a dog to the neighbor with the supplies. The problem is there's a case of zoo animals being infected.

A drone can be used to send these supplies to your neighborhood without the worries of infection. It can be programmed to a location via GPS and timing. These are just an example of the use of technology. I'm waiting for the day where AI robots are doing things that normally a human will do.

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AI robots and humans can co-exist. It's the future. It's a new kind of world that could help us survives, especially in times of pandemic when interactions between humans have to be controlled. Personally, I have no problem with this. As mostly I'm an introvert. I don't care much for another human contact.

I use social media and messaging apps to interact with my friends. Most of the time, I stay at home. I do go out sometime. But, only if I had to. Although, this could be because I'm at a certain age where I don't care much for the outside world. It was certainly different thinking when I was younger.

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Frankly, I'm surprised the military still hasn't built their own Mecha yet. What are they doing with all that money? Also, we still haven't created our first marketable AI robot. If they had, we would be seeing all these AI robots doing essential jobs without the need for PPE or personal protection equipment.

It's all in the educations of our future generations. And, the search for power that lasts. If humans need to survive and even to explore the universe for resources and survival. They need AI robots to do the work that humans can't.

What you guys think?

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