Monday, April 20, 2020

Nintendo Switch Lite Zacian & Zamazenta Edition unboxing and Asphalt 9 Legends gameplay

Nintendo Switch Lite - Zacian and Zamazenta Edition

Hey guys,

Check it out!

Finally! Got my Nintendo Switch Lite Zacian & Zamamenta Edition. I really love it. I love the pencil-like drawings of the pokemon at the back. Although, I wish there was some kind of design in the front too. At least the buttons, joysticks, and d-pad have nice cool colors.

I'm also surprised at how light the switch lite is. If you take away the controllers, it'll be like any other 5.5-inch mobile phone out there. Only, a little bit thicker. I've been re-downloading some of the games I've bought on eShop and it took almost 2 days. I had to delete some as I'm running out of storage space. I need to buy a bigger MicroSD card.

Nintendo Switch Lite - Zacian and Zamazenta Edition

I've been testing out the system playing some games like Asphalt 9 Legends,, Daemon X Machina prototype, FX3 pinball, and retro game. Right now, the game that I bought yesterday on a deal, Metro 2033 Redux has just finish download. I want to see how good it plays on a system like a Switch lite. I'll be doing video gameplay later on. So, don't forget to subscribe to my youtube channel!

There are many other games that I've bought for my first-gen Nintendo Switch that I'm wondering how it'll play on the switch lite. One thing I'll miss is the ability to dock my switch and play on my big screen TV. I won't be able to watch youtube videos or movies on it too. Also, you can't take off the switch or change it. Especially, if it's faulty.

Metro Redux - Nintendo Switch

There are advantages and some disadvantages to the Switch Lite. My niece told me, it looks just like the PSP Vita slim. Well almost. I think it's a little longer. On the PSP vita, you can actually control games via the touchpad at the back. It's pretty much more advance than the switch lite. People are still wondering, why the Vita never took off. Now, it's just hackers heaven.

Well, maybe because Nintendo has its own base that like the kind of games Nintendo been putting out. It's kinda funny though, I've never really been a Nintendo fan. The only console that I have bought is the 3DS XL, Nintendo Switch and now the Switch lite.

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One thing I'm glad is that Nintendo has been listening to their fan base and now opening up their system to indies and triple AAA game developers bringing albeit 'old' popular games like Bioshock, Doom, Skyrim, Witcher 3 and Fifa 18 which was one of the reasons I decided to get the Nintendo Switch. Being able to play pc/console games on the go!

Now, there are more and more triple AAA games coming over to the Nintendo Switch. How things have changed. Back then, nobody thought the switch would be this popular. Some even write it off. They thought to be able to play on handheld mode and Tv mode was just a stupid gimmick. Who's laughing now?

Anyway, guys. You can check out my earlier post on my thoughts about the Nintendo switch by searching through my blog post. You'll be surprised about the things that I've been wishing back then coming out true. I also rant about the mobile gaming world how the games mostly suck and too dependent on free-to-play and auto-play craps.

What you guys think?

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Happy portable gaming!

P.S. Nintendo Switch Lite - Zacian and Zamazenta Edition

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