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Coronavirus Covid 19 Videos Creedence Clearwater Revival Have You Ever Seen The Rain

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Mental Health Guide: Strategies to manage mood effectively in times of Global Distress

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In this time of the Coronavirus covid-19 pandemic, some groups of people are turning this into political b.s. Would you believe that there are people protesting all over the U.S. to open up the states again and stop the lockdown? I even see some parents bringing their children out with them. FFS!

What's worse is that you have the president of the United States backing it up and telling them to 'liberate' themselves. Thank goodness there are still good and sane people in charge of some of the states like California and New York.

Those states that have been on lockdown for almost two months are now seeing the results. That's a good sign but, governors are still cautious. In fact, other countries hit hard by the virus, like Italy has now slowly opened up again. Thanks to Italian mayors doing their job that keep reminding the people to #stayathome.

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Mental Health Guide: Strategies to manage mood effectively in times of Global Distress

Yes, I know it's hard. Especially, for those out of jobs, out of money and out of food. That's why the government needs to do their job to support the people. We as a community can also help each other by donating money, food, or volunteering.

The first time, I heard about the Virus when news about it from Wuhan and a doctor that tried to warn the world. He later died. The Chinese government tried to control and hide it at first but finally decided to tell the truth after things had got worse. Even WHO the World Health Organization gave mixed information.

COVID-19 OUTBREAK: How Coronavirus Will Destroy Economy

First, WHO said, the virus is not infectious. Later, they say it is. Finally, they declare its a pandemic. By then, most people from China that didn't know they were infected have traveled throughout the world by tourism or work-related.

European countries like Italy and Spain were hit really hard. Hundreds if not thousands infected and died. Most of the cities are crowded with people in close proximity. That's part of the reason why many are infected, fast. And countries like Italy have many old people that died.

DIY HOMEMADE MEDICAL FACE MASK: How to Make Your Medical Reusable Face Mask for Flu Protection. Do It Yourself in 10 Simple Steps (with Pictures), for Adults and Kids

Now the medical experts tell us that some people are asymptomatic and won't even know that they're infected with the virus. They can be walking around spreading the virus without knowing it. It's like a silent killer. That's why everyone is advised to wear a mask when before, we were told not to unless we're sick.

I've been following the news about the spread of the coronavirus all over the world. Even before the pandemic, since Trump became the president, I've been telling people in my post to stock up on food and water. To be prepared for the worse. I find him to be a dangerous man that only cares about himself. Now, the pandemic has shown the world how incompetent he is when shits hit the fan!

How to Survive a Pandemic: Life Lessons for Coping with Covid-19

I hope those that had read my past posts have actually prepared. If you didn't listen, well, you should have. Never take things for granted. With the kind of world, we're living in. Everyone for himself. Even if we get through this, let this be a lesson. Always be prepared!

The Doom preppers are enjoying their 'holiday' right now inside their bunker!

Chance favors the prepared mind!

What you guys think?

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