Thursday, April 02, 2020

Samsung Note 10+ SUPER MECHA CHAMPIONS multiplayer Deathmatch with Triggers gameplay

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Hey guys,

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I've found another shooter game that I can play with my favorite triggers. It's called Super Mecha Champions. You can look it up and download it on Google store. With its beautiful authentic Anime design and great gameplay that's like playing pubg mobile. The most important thing is that I can customize the buttons layouts to my preferences.

I find that being able to customize the layout of the buttons to how you want to play the game really helps. I can quickly scope, shoot and moves at the same time. Although, I'm having a problem with the left joystick control. If my left thumb misses the joystick, my view will suddenly look up as if I'm using the right joystick.

It's kinda irritating when I'm in the middle of a battle and wanted to move forward or backward but end up looking up or down. I actually died because of that mistake. I'm going to give that feedback to the game dev. I don't have this kind of problem with other shooter games.

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As usual, this is a free-to-play game with the ability to buy upgrades, new mecha, skins, weapons, and other stuff. For now, I'm sticking with my chosen mecha the Skylark. Although, I just got another new Mecha, HotSteel. I'm going to try it later.

I managed to become the last man standing and be the champion yesterday, and that's actually a surprise. I was having a little bit of problem playing looking through my iPad which I was recording with. And, I managed to escape when my mecha was destroyed during the last battle. I'm not sure what happen but think I managed to kill the last guy.

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I heard that the Huawei P40 Pro camera was better than the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra. I'm not sure about that since I don't have the phone to test. But, I'm wondering if its gaming capability is good. It's also a 5G phone. Great for entertainment too. Remember though, that it doesn't have Google play store. You'll have to sideload it. Kind of a hassle.

The Huawei Shark 3 pro gaming phone is pretty interesting. It has two buttons on the side that you can use as triggers when playing shooter games. It also has accessories like the one-handed controller. The one-handed controller seems to be popular nowadays. I thought it will be weird but when I bought the 058 Mocute, it wasn't that bad.

I wish all these gaming phones come with full gaming accessories included. Playing mobile games, especially the shooter multiplayer is more accurate with a controller. You can also play retro games via emulators on it. There is actually some pretty good gamepad design for mobile gaming. I hope they improve more on it.

There should be more games created with gamepad support instead of just touch and auto-playing. Which are craps and don't need any skills. When you're so into the game, you rely mostly on instincts. If you can't feel the buttons, you'll make mistakes and it could be costly. Like dying in the game when you're so close to winning. That happens to me a lot of time.

What you guys think?

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