Friday, February 28, 2020

When an old PSP 2000 found in the dumpster does it work?

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My friend told me, somebody, threw away a couple of old and battered PSP 2000 with a couple of games. All of them didn't have battery accept one. And, most didn't even have any battery covers. He didn't found any charging cable too.

In spite of that, I took it all and tried looking for any old charger that could be used at home. I didn't find any. It was only today, months later that I realized the cable used to power my portable monitor has the same type of pin.

So, I tried charging the one PSP with the battery. It seems to charge for a while and then it stops working. Disappointed, I took a look at the other PSP. This one looks kinda new and light. It was a PSP 2000. I tried swapping the battery although I can't close the cover as it's too big.

When I charge it, it seems to work and the battery looks full. I thought, maybe the other that looks like a first-gen PSP was faulty. I tried pulling off the plug and it went dead. That's when I realized, I could power on the PSP 2000 even without the battery.

I wonder if I could instead use the portable charger to power it. Of course, it can. Now, I have a fully working PSP 2000 with games like Tekken Dark Resurrection, Final Fantasy Tactics and Winning Eleven 9. I wish the original owner had bought some racing games.

Well, how lucky could I be? Decades ago, I didn't buy the PSP 2000 partly because the games were pretty expensive. I know, I could have bought hacked games. But, guess, it wasn't worth it. Anyway, I had my other console games.

Now, years later. I could enjoy playing some pretty good games. I actually have the PSP Vita which I traded for my old Alienware M14x gaming laptop with some guy through the net portal. It came with some games. My laptop was getting old and the guy PS Vita was actually still new. Not a bad bargain I guess.

Anyway, I'm going to enjoy playing some old PSP 2000 game this few days. Get your own PSP 2000 via the links below!

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Tekken - Dark Resurrection - Sony PSP

Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions - Sony PSP

World Soccer Winning Eleven 9

Midnight Club: LA Remix - Sony PSP

Like they say, old is GOLD!

This gaming console might be old but they're gold to some people. Especially, when they didn't get the chance to buy or play it before. This pretty much reminds me of the old days when my family couldn't afford such gaming consoles.

You either play it in the arcade or some friend house who do have them. Time has changed. So have the gaming world. Now, everyone can play good console-level games on their mobile phone. Although, the Free-to-play, pay to upgrade or watch ads to play really suckz nowadays.

At least, there are still good games available on a real console like the Xbox, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and the gaming PC!

What you guys think?

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Happy gaming!

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