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CORONAVIRUS Politicians Supermarkets urge calm amid panic-buying of groceries

Wuhan Coronavirus: A Concise & Rational Guide to the 2020 Outbreak

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Things aren't getting any better. The cure for Coronavirus hasn't been found yet and it's been quietly spreading out to the world. Everyone, been comparing it to the SARS pandemic that happens before and it might actually be much worst.

Once again, humanity never learns. They do what they want without any restrictions. They eat food not supposed to be eaten and they destroy the forest, rivers and even the climate. Human is the disease and they don't want to admit it.

What's worse is the ignorants of some people that don't want to believe that it's their own fault. They blame it on others, tell lies and reaping the benefits for their own selfish reasons. What they don't realize is that it will come back to haunt them.

Unless you can get into a spaceship and fly off to another planet, we're all stuck here on earth. Whatever you do will have a ripple effect. Also, nobody lives forever. What's the use of all that wealth and power if you're going 7 feet under any time and wherever you are right now?

China's governments were slow to react and they even wanted to silence the doctor that first tried to warn them. The doctor has now died of the virus himself. China has been wise to open up its border and growing economically. The problem is, some of them are doing things that are against the norm.

Like I've said before if you want to act like an animal, you don't deserve to live as a human. An animal does things by instincts. We as humans are better than them in that, we're given brains that can learn and evolve. We can design, create things and make our lives better.

We were basically given the task of taking care of the world. We're supposed to be the temporary caretaker. We used its resources for our own benefits. We govern ourselves and all aspects of lives on earth. We're supposed to learn and help each other for the benefits of mankind.

In some ways, we did that. But, there will always be a few who want more. Who doesn't want to listen and follow the rules? They want to break that boundary just because they can. They forget who they are and where they're going.

Just one thing from me. If you want to go to hell, go alone.

Get prep before shit hits the fans via the links below:

15 ways to prevent yourself from 2019 Novel Coronavirus' Infection: Steps you need to take to stay secured from 2019-nCoV

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People in affected countries are now afraid of food shortage but governments have informed that is not so. Even so, there's been news of long q at supermarkets and masks are getting expensive. It's normal for people to be afraid but not to the point of creating unnecessary chaos. Also, why queue, when you can order online?

If you have been reading my blog post for a while. I have always talked about being prepared. This is one of the reasons why. Human has the tendencies to fck themselves up. And, because of that, others suffer the consequences.

What you guys think?

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Chance favors the prepared mind!

P.S. 15 ways to prevent yourself from 2019 Novel Coronavirus' Infection: Steps you need to take to stay secured from 2019-nCoV

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