Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Galaxy Unpacked 2020 Live stream - Z Flip S20 S20 Plus S20 Ultra Announcement

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Samsung had their Galaxy Unpacked 2020 live stream a couple of hours back and there's a ton of new stuff in it. Right now, they're showing their new folding phone. Looks nice. They call it the Z flip. But, how long can it last with all that folding?

The Z flip comes with a whole new feature that allows you to use it like a two-screen laptop. For example, you can watch a youtube video and comment at the same time. There's a small screen outside the phone where you can see notifications and even use it to see yourself for a selfie.

It comes with several colors like purple and even gold. I can see rich rappers, sportsmen, and Arabs with oil money choosing it. I can actually already see smudges on it. They can create a 'folding glass' but can't solve the smudge problem. lol

The folding phone makes me think about the Rosswell Alien ship crash. Decades ago they found metallic materials that when fold will come back to its former form. If those guys back then can see the technology we're using right now, they'll say we're aliens too.

Anyway, the phone will be out on February 14 for $1380. There's a special Galaxy Z Flip Thom Browne Edition. For you guys into fashion, you might like this. Next up, they're talking about history and new mobile experience that combines AI, IoT (internet of things) and 5G.

Finally, after all that. The announcement of the S20 Series. S20, S20+, and S20 ULTRA! You can forward the video to 52:20 to watch the demo. Did I just saw a camera Space Zoom 100x? Well, they're talking about the capability of the s20 phone camera. Lots of new improvements. All I want to know is, can you take a close up picture or video of the moon with it!?

Whoa. Now you can take an 8K video on your phone, upload it via 5G or cast to your Tv. As a Youtuber, that could make my job a little easier. The only problem is, the video editing software is not as good as the iMovie or Microsoft photos. And, Apple even has a Garageband app for making your own background music. For free!

The S20 Ultra offers more with 108MP and 100X zoom. If taking videos and pictures is your thing. You should get this. Although, the S20 and S20+ already offer a great array of great camera capabilities. It's also pretty much bigger than the other two. So, what's the price?

Funny, they didn't talk about the pricing but go on to talk about their partnership with NetFlix. I thought they're going to announce a free NetFlix subscription with S20. One can only dream. Gaming. Now, that's my favorite part. 5G, 120hz, 16gb ram, and LPDDR5. The ultimate mobile gaming console!

Yes! Forza Street coming to the mobile phone. I love the Forza Horizon and think it will be great if I could play a console version on my Note 10+. Damn, I thought I could download the game today, but it's only pre-registration. What gives!

I hope they also include gamepad support. Since they already work together to be able to use Samsung dex on windows. If you have a portable monitor, and a dock you'll want to play on it and obviously will be better with a controller.

Music. Anybody else has the Galaxy buds? I do. And, I love it. Wireless, with noise-canceling. Great for calls with easy touch controls. Now, they're revealing the new Galaxy Buds +. It has two speakers. One for a high note and the other for bass. They partnered with Spotify for easy access to new music recommendations. New improved mics for better calls. Coming out on February 14 for $149!

Alright guys, the moment we've been waiting for. From March 6, you can get the S20 5G from $999, S20+ 5G $1,199 and S20 Ultra 5G $1,399. Not, too bad for what you get with those prices. Not too far off too. You can still save up till March. Or, you can get a lower price S10 which is still a great phone.

So far, I've recommended my mom and friends to get the Note 10+. And, they're definitely loving it.

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There will be an S20+ 5G Olympic Games Athlete edition. If you're into sport. Well, that's it, guys. My sis just Whatsapp me asking me if I have seen the new S20. I told her, I'm actually watching the Samsung live stream and blogging about it right now.

What you guys think. Anything, that you guys excited about? So far, I'm interested in the S20 Ultra camera zooming and also for the Forza Street announcement. I really hope the game won't be a dumb down version. We're talking about Xbox studio. So, you guys better live up to the hype!

I'm waiting for a new version of the Note 10+. It might actually be called Note 20+. It'll probably have 5G, IoT, 120hz, 16gb ram, and LPDDR5 processor too. Harry Potter would actually want this since it'll come with the magic wand aka S pen and a flying broom as a free gift. If you wish hard enough, you might get an owl too. Who knows!

Apple, the ball is now in your court!

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Happy mobile computing!

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