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Samsung Note 10+ Mocute 058 ONE HANDED Gamepad SHADOWGUN LEGENDS gameplay

MOCUTE-058 Stretching Handle Multi-Function Game Controller Compatible for Android for iOS

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I'm loving my mocute 058 one-handed gamepad right now. Especially, when you can play some good android games with it. I downloaded a few more games and after playing and deleting some that don't even support gamepad, I finally decided to try Shadowgun Legends.

I once saw a youtube video that shows, you can play shadowgun legends with the mocute 058. But, I wasn't really interested in multiplayer games. Well, I finally decided to check it out as so far, the rest totally suckz. I was glad though, as there's actually a story mode.

I quickly went to the controller section and did some button remaps. The one thing with a one-handed controller is that sometimes the game doesn't support both joystick and touchscreen control. A game like Shadow Fight 3 can be played with a controller but it doesn't show touchscreen buttons on the right of the screen. Which is a bummer cause I love the game.

One thing weird though is that I can't use the right trigger when playing Shadowgun legends. I end up had to set the game to auto-fire. I wonder if it's the game or the controller. But, my right trigger works when I'm playing UNKILLED zombies fps shooter game.

The shadowgun legends look like an RPG game only in a future modern setting. It makes me think of Cyberpunk 2077 and how cool it'll be if that kind of game is available on mobile. Now, that's what you call console-like gaming.

Get the Mocute One-Handed gamepad or other available via the link below:

MOCUTE-058 Stretching Handle Multi-Function Game Controller Compatible for Android for iOS

Mobile Game Controller GameSir G6, Wireless Bluetooth Game Controller, One-Handed Gamepad with Joystick for iPhone CODM/PUBG/ROS

Bounabay Wireless Bluetooth Innovative One-Handed Gamepad for Android Phone

Flydigi Wasp One-Handed Gamepad Compatible for iOS Bluetooth Connection Tablet Mobile Gaming Controller

Flydigi Mobile Game Controller Wasp 2 Elite One-Handed Gamepad for iPhone and Android Bluetooth Wireless for CODM/PUBG/ROS

GameSir G6s Dual Vibrating Moto Mobile Gaming Touchroller for iPhone 6/7/8/10/11, Wireless Gamepad One-handed Bluetooth game controller for PUBG/Fortnite/Rules of Survival/COD Call of Duty Mobile …

Vakili Mobile Phone Game Joystick Game Control Touch Screen Joypad Game Controller for iPad iPhone Android Mobile Tablet Smart Phone Joystick Touch Screen Joypad Tablet Funny Game Controller 2PACK

GEE·D Mobile Game Controller, Gaming Joystick for Shooting, Battle Royale, Fighting and Survival Games | Cellphone Stand Joypad for Tablets, iPhone and Android Phones (J032 Black)

If you're thinking of buying, make sure that it will fit your mobile phone size. It seems that there are not many gamepads that are bigger than 6.8 or 7 inches unless it's for a tablet. Also, if you like the idea of a one-handed controller combined with touch screen control gaming.

I had some reserved before buying a one-handed gamepad but since there are not many controllers that can fit my Samsung Note 10+, I took the plunged. If you're buying Samsung latest S20 Ultra phone. This might also be a good fit for your mobile gaming.

The Samsung S20 Ultra will be a totally awesome gaming phone with the latest processor and graphics capability. We need console-like games for the mobile phone. We need triple AAA games on it for those serious gamers.

Nintendo, have proved with their Nintendo Switch that gamers like portable gaming that can play good triple AAA games. Mobile gamepad designers are exploiting the switch design. Just pop in your phone and voila, it looks just like a Nintendo switch.

The only problem is those game devs still like to design a game without gamepad support. It totally befuddled me why that is so. Why can't you design your game both with touchscreen and controller support? There are so many gamepads available in the market right now.

It's kinda stupid that I have to buy a remap buttons app like Octopus to be able to play their game with a controller.

What you guys think?

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Happy mobile gaming!

P.S. MOCUTE-058 Stretching Handle Multi-Function Game Controller Compatible for Android for iOS

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