Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Samsung Note 10+ Angry Birds AR Isle of Pigs Augmented Reality gameplay

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Hey guys,

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I thought I'll try playing the Angry Birds AR (Augmented Reality) Isle of Pigs today on my Samsung Note 10+. And, it's a load of fun. I like the fact that you can use your own real background. I've tried other AR games but this is the only game that I like.

There are a few games that I've downloaded but have yet to try it out. So, who knows. I remember playing an AR game on my Nintendo 3DS XL. It was really interesting back then. Fast forward a couple of years later today and you can play it on your phone.

Mobile phone tech has really grown. Samsung has already announced its new S20 series phone. With better processor and graphics. Improved camera capabilities with 100X zoom and 108MP. I really like to see if you can use it for moon watching. Imagine, being able to view and record the moon with just your phone!

I've been waiting for that part of camera technology to grow. I don't think, I'll be able to afford the phone though. In any case, I still love my Note 10+ and am waiting eagerly for maybe a Note 20+ before the end of the year?

Imagine the kind of specs, it'll be getting. I'm not sure if the average user would even care. But, I do. Better camera means better video for my youtube channel. One thing, I hate it that the video editing app really sucks. I tried using the free editing software and it's too simple.

In the end, I just plug the phone to my pc, transfer the file and use Microsoft old free Windows Moviemaker. I wanted to try out the new windows video editor but I don't know how to use the cutting part. I'll rather use something that I'm comfortable with.

Anyway, check out the video gameplay and download the game on Google play!

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HP V8H07UT Elite X3 Lap Dock

I wonder why Samsung still doesn't want to create a laptop dock for the Samsung phone. I know now, you can use Samsung dex on your pc or laptop. But, that is, if you have them. What if you're just interested in using your phone as your main device?

All your contacts, pictures, entertainment are on it. You're practically using it for work and play. Instead of having to use a separate (windows) workstation why not just simplify and use one system? Having a lap dock would definitely make your load lighter too.

Using your phone as your main computer might not be for everyone but in the age of making things small, lighter and fast this could be the future. That's why the latest Samsung S20 5G phone could be the start of modern mobile computing.

What you guys think?

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Happy gaming!

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