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I've been wondering about why anyone would want to buy a single hand gamepad. Wouldn't it be more fun to play with a full Xbox one s controller? But then, I began to get interested when I saw some design that actually looks cool.

I like one by Flydigi.

Flydigi Mobile Game Controller Wasp 2 Elite One-Handed Gamepad for iPhone and Android Bluetooth Wireless for CODM/PUBG/ROS

I decided to buy one. Of course, I needed to find one that will fit my Samsung Note 10+ which has a 6.8-inch size screen. I search around and finally decided on the Mocute 058 single-hand gamepad. It's also relatively cheaper than the rest.

When I got the product, I was pleasantly surprised by how well-built it is. Even though it's cheap, it doesn't feel cheap. The joystick, d-pad, trigger and shoulder buttons felt really sturdy. It felt good holding the controller.

I tested some racing games like Gear.Club on it and it does feel a little weird without the buttons on the right. I even had to do some button setup for playing some retro games. Once you get used to it, playing games on it is actually fun. Using the joystick to play racing or fighting games does help.

I can't say much for shooter games though. For one thing, I couldn't play PUBG or Call of Duty mobile. I'll have to buy a remap button app like the octopus or panda pro. Which is kinda stupid. Why would I have to pay to play a game with a controller?

That's how fck-up it is to play mobile games. Thank goodness, I could still play FPS Zombies shooter games like Unkilled and maybe that's similar to it. I could also play Street Fighter and Stardew Valley. So, there are a few favorite mobile games that I can still play with the controller.

In spite of all that, I actually love the product. Playing mobile games using single hand gamepad combined with touch screen control isn't that bad after all. I can't wait to finish this post and start playing again. I'll be hunting for more games that's compatible with it.

Check out some of the other single hand gamepads via the links below:

MOCUTE-058 Stretching Handle Multi-Function Game Controller Compatible for Android for iOS

Controller for iOS, BEBONCOOL Wireless Controller for iPhone with triggers, Gamepad for PUBG Remote Single Hand Controller with Triggers for iOS Support Keymapping

Bounabay Wireless Bluetooth Controller One Handed Gamepad Compatible for iPhone and Android

BEBONCOOL Mobile Controller for iOS iPhone, PUBG Mobile Game Controller with Triggers for 5.5-7.9 Inch iOS iPhone, Wireless Mobile Controller Remote PUBG Gamepad for Bluetooth iOS FPS Games

GameSir Mobile Game Controller G6 (Yellow), Mobile Gaming Touchroller, Wireless Mobile Gamepad Compatible with iPhone PUBG/Fortnite/Rules of Survival/CODM …

Mobile Game Controller GameSir G6, Wireless Bluetooth Game Controller, One-Handed Gamepad with Joystick for iPhone CODM/PUBG/ROS

BEBONCOOL Mobile Game Controller Phone Triggers Controller for Android/iOS/iPhone, Wireless Remote Controller Gamepad

Bounabay Wireless Bluetooth Innovative One-Handed Gamepad for Android Phone

If you're into playing PUBG and Call of Duty mobile make sure that the controller you want to buy is able to play it. Especially, if the remap button app is free. Although, some controller doesn't actually need that kind of app. Like my ipega 9087s.

Having a big phone like my Note 10+ does have a problem in finding a suitable gaming controller. Mobile phones nowadays are getting bigger. Even the Samsung S20+ is 6.7 and the S20 Ultra is 6.9 inches respectively.

I would love to game on these phones though. With the latest upgraded specs!

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Happy mobile gaming!

P.S. MOCUTE-058 Stretching Handle Multi-Function Game Controller Compatible for Android for iOS

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