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What I Want in Blackberry Key3 in 2020?

BlackBerry KEY2 LE BBE100-2 64GB Unlocked GSM Android Phone w/Dual 13MP/5MP Camera - Space Blue/Slate

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I just want to talk about what I want in a Blackberry Key3 in 2020, if ever it's coming out. The reason I want to talk about it is that I've been watching videos of the Blackberry Key2 these past weeks. And, I've never seen the reviewer talk about linking the phone to a portable monitor or big screen Tv. Why is that?

The BB Key2 is supposed to be a business phone for professional and they can't link it up to a portable monitor or Tv? I don't have the phone so I'm not sure if you actually can. I presumed since it's OS is android, you surely can use Microsoft Your Phone companion app to connect wirelessly now.

People have been touting how this phone is not for gaming especially being awkward with the keyboard at the bottom of the screen. The thing is, you can connect your phone to a gaming controller via Bluetooth. And, definitely, if you can connect the phone to a monitor or Tv, you can definitely improve your gaming experience.

The mobile phone is not just a phone anymore, it's a mobile computing device. And, if you're touting how this is for working professionals, you damn sure be able to link up your phone to a monitor so that you can immediately work on your documents on a bigger screen at work or at home.

For that same reason, what I want in a Blackberry Key3 are all those features. Being able to connect my phone to a monitor or Tv and being able to work on documents, checking and replying to emails or even gaming. If they can create something like a Samsung Dex UI, that will be better. I'm pretty sure you can do mirroring. Even my Q10 can do that decades ago.

They also need to upgrade the specs. Better camera with the latest CPU and GPU. With the price of the phone right now, they had better upgrade those mid-range specs. Trying to say, they're doing it so that the battery can last longer is not a good excuse. Heck, you can always recharge it. Especially, since there's a power bank.

The phone touch screen should also be bigger. On the Key2 there are the navigational buttons that will disappear when you don't need it and appear when you need it. Why would you need that when there's gesture control. And, you already have a keyboard. Use it to control. Especially, since there are shortcut buttons available. This will increase the screen size significantly.

I'm thinking of a phone design that has a Note 10+ look at the top and has a blackberry keyboard at the bottom 3rd. With all the bells and whistles included. Now, that will be a perfect phone to own next year in 2020. How bout it blackberry?

In the meantime, you can get the Blackberry Key2 via the link below!

BlackBerry KEY2 LE BBE100-2 64GB Unlocked GSM Android Phone w/Dual 13MP/5MP Camera - Space Blue/Slate

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Get a controller and link up via Bluetooth. Connect the Key3 via USB C to HDMI to your portable monitor or big screen Tv for gaming. You can even connect and use the phone as a computer. It's mobile computing on the go!

Blackberry needs to expand its phone capabilities. It's a business phone with security but it's also a gaming phone when you want to game. With many games available on Google play store, you're kidding yourself if professionals don't game!

There are definitely games available that you can play with the keyboard. It's actually fun than tapping on the cold glass screen. As I said, the blackberry key2 and future key3 can be use as a gaming device. If you install Retroarch on it, you'll be able to play retro games on it too. Unless you're happy with the current phone. Then by all means!

What you think?

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Happy mobile computing!

P.S. BlackBerry KEY2 LE BBE100-2 64GB Unlocked GSM Android Phone w/Dual 13MP/5MP Camera - Space Blue/Slate

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