Friday, November 08, 2019

Blackberry Classic in 2019 WhatsApp and RetroArch retro gaming!

BlackBerry Classic Q20 SQC100-2 16GB AT&T 4G LTE Physical Keyboard Smartphone - Black

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I just got myself a Blackberry Classic yesterday and as always I wanted to install every important app on my phone. I wasn't sure if Whatsapp is available for BB OS10 as I'm out of the loop for blackberry phone for a long while.

I check out Blackberry World and the app that was supposed to be free turned out not free. I was willing to pay but find it a hassle. So, I googled and discovered that I could install the android .apk version. It didn't work out for some reason.

This morning, I tried searching again and found a website that has the .apk files. I downloaded it on my phone and install. It finally works! I test message my family and it works as it would on an android phone. It felt good typing on the keyboard too.

Next, is, of course, retro gaming and I'll need to install RetroArch on my BB. You'll need to go to the Android section and click F-Droid. From there go click the link to the libretro. Find the latest, in this case, is 1.8.1 apk. Download and install!

If you already have your retro games inside your MicroSD card, insert it to your phone and start gaming on your Blackberry Classic. Remember, I only tried this on my Classic. Not sure if it'll work with others. I guess, it should work if you have the latest BB OS 10.

Get the Blackberry Classic here!

BlackBerry Classic Q20 SQC100-2 16GB AT&T 4G LTE Physical Keyboard Smartphone - Black

I'm still trying to install Kodi on my BB Classic. I tried downloading the latest and it won't install. I'll try looking for an older version. Maybe, that would work. These 3 apps are practically the holy grail for me. Whenever I get my hand on a new phone, tablet or pc, I'll install them.

It's pretty fun to search and try to look for a solution. Thank goodness, you can find help via Google. There are many blogs, tech sites that you can learn from. And, the good thing is that no matter how long it's been, they'll always be there for you!

We should all give thanks to the good work the internet has done for us all!

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Happy mobile computing!

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