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DualShock 4 Wireless Controller for PlayStation 4 - Green Camouflage

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I was thinking of buying the special edition Gears of War 5 Xbox one x controller. But, it was a little expensive. I  decided to look at the ps4 controller especially for use with my Samsung Note 10+. The thing is, I don't own a ps4. But, it would be cool to play a mobile phone game with the controller.

I found a sales near my home for the camo green color controller and decided there and then to get it. It was a close shop sales. What great timing. Finally, I got it and did an unboxing and some gameplay. Check out the video above or on my youtube channel here!

Frankly, I don't really like the ps controller. They seem small and not ergonomically designed. That's why I prefer playing games using the Xbox controller. But, once I tried playing with my new camo green controller, it doesn't seem all that bad. It actually felt nice.

I had to google for instructions on how to connect the controller to my phone. Unlike my special edition Gears of War 4, Xbox one s controller which has a button that I just need to push to connect. For the PS4 controller, you'll have to press the button, 'Share' + Home buttons to activate Bluetooth. Scan the controller on your phone and connect.

The controller might take a while to connect. If it doesn't just try again until it does. Once it's connected press the setting for the controller and make sure you can also use it for phone input. Instead of having to touch the screen, now you can move through the phone apps drawer to choose your game. Cool!

As always, it doesn't work with games that don't have controller support. Lucky for me, my favorite racing games like Rush Rally 3, UNKILLED fps zombie shooter and even F1 Mobile can now be played with my PS4 controller. F1 Mobile has just added controller support for their console like racing game. Funny, you can't go through the menu with the controller though. What gives!?

Get a PS4 Dual Shock Wireless controller now!

DualShock 4 Wireless Controller for PlayStation 4 - Green Camouflage

Xbox Wireless Controller - Gears 5 Kait Diaz Limited Edition

A little note. You can't play Call of Duty Mobile Garena and PUBG with the controller. The games don't have controller support, yet. Someone told us on one of my youtube videos that there will be controller support for COD mobile in the future. God, knows when!

The PS4 controller seems lighter and smaller than an Xbox controller. So, I'll prefer bringing it along when traveling to and fro to work or during vacation. With some great console-like games available for android phones with controller support, your phone will become a true gaming machine!

My note 10+ screen is around 6.8 inches. Actually, much bigger than my Nintendo Switch. I can connect my phone to a portable monitor for the bigger screen. With the Dex pad, I can turn my phone into a computer or a portable gaming console.

I'm pretty much happy with my purchased and can't wait to try out more games with it. And, with my Note 10+ with the bigger screen are great for gaming. I'm still waiting for my folding keyboard and Bluetooth mouse. All these will be great accessories for my mobile setup!

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Happy mobile gaming!

P.S. DualShock 4 Wireless Controller for PlayStation 4 - Green Camouflage

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