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Mobile Processor Exynos 990 Next-level intelligence!

Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ Plus Factory Unlocked Cell Phone with 256GB (U.S. Warranty), Aura Glow (Silver) Note10+

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Have you read about Samsung's latest mobile processor, Exynos 990 offering next-level intelligence? And, not just that, with this latest processor also includes the news about the latest 5G technology. The Exynos Modem 5123 which when paired with the 990 will practically turn your phone into a high-end broadband mobile computer.

My dream of a mobile phone that has the CPU and GPU just like a high-end gaming console or computer is finally coming true. Okay, we are not there yet. For now. They still have to design the phone that will incorporate both the Exynos 990 and Exynos modem 5123. I don't see a problem there. We already have the Note 10+. Put those on this bugger and let it fly!

I believe, the new Note 11 will come with the latest mobile modem and processor. I can't wait to get my hand on these latest technologies. I'm quoting from their website here which states,

"The next-level of intelligence is coming. With the Exynos 990, a mobile processor designed with a powerful AI processing capability, mobile experiences will evolve to meet the new aspects of mobility in the era of AI. Featuring a dual-core neural processing unit (NPU), the Exynos 990 processor delivers faster and efficient machine learning performance.

When combined with the advanced image processing technologies, AI enables the camera to produce pro-grade photography thru intelligent optimization. The Exynos 990 processor can be paired with the 5G cellular modem to deliver hyper-fast mobile broadband speed for the era of live. To offer an experience that’s like a computer, a gaming console, and a television on a mobile device, the Exynos 990 incorporates a powerful octa-core CPU, a cutting-edge GPU, an advanced display and a video subsystem that delivers unmatched performance to suit the next-level smartphone."

OOoooo o o oo o yeeaaahhhhh!!

I think the Note 10+ came out in August. I got mine this month of October. I'm pretty sure, Note 11 will come out around the same month of 2020. You should start saving now. I already plan to sell my Note 10+ and get my 11. That's if it comes with the new processor of course. Apple, the ball is now in your court!

Let's all see what can we do with the Samsung phone next year. Will Samsung improve more on the Samsung Dex experience? Will we finally see console-level games for the mobile phone without the pesky insistence on touch control or pay to play/upgrades? I know the AI will improve the camera with optimization but, I'm wondering if ever we'll be able to zoom to the moon. I've been wanting to get myself the Nikon Coolpix P1000. Can a phone camera come to that level of zooming?

Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ Plus Factory Unlocked Cell Phone with 256GB (U.S. Warranty), Aura Glow (Silver) Note10+

Right now, we can already use our phone as a computer. Thanks to Samsung Dex. The user interface (UI) is clean, simple and fast. With so many apps that are on par with software already available on a computer. Even gaming on the phone is already up there. But, as always the problem is with the kind of game available right now. The insistent on touch control over real controller support is really dampening my hope of console-level gaming experience.

If triple AAA game developers take advantage of the latest capabilities of the Exynos 990, then mobile gaming might really explode. And, I will finally get what I've been wishing for since Steve Jobs introduced the first-gen iPhone with the gyro gaming. Yup, that was fun. For awhile. Now, it's time for real gaming!

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P.S. Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ Plus Factory Unlocked Cell Phone with 256GB (U.S. Warranty), Aura Glow (Silver) Note10+

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