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Samsung S10+ Xbox one s controller STARDEW VALLEY first day gameplay

Samsung Galaxy S10+ Plus 128GB+8GB RAM SM-G975F/DS Dual Sim 6.4" LTE Factory Unlocked Smartphone International Model No-Warranty (Prism White)

Hey guys,

Check it out!

Ok, I know, Stardew Valley is an old game. Believe it or not, I've never played it until today. In fact, I was thinking of buying it for the Nintendo switch. But, I just got to try it on my mobile phone. Especially, when I can play it using my Xbox one s controller.

What I like about it, is that it's a full game. That means, I can play it offline and don't have to worry about an internet connection. I have played this kind of farming game on facebook before. So, I'm not really new to this genre. The difference is that I don't have to add any FB friends to my list.

The game does not lag and the image doesn't look cramped on the phone screen. I did set the game to play on full-screen mode on my Samsung s10+. I can't seem to use the controller during the first game setup. Although, once I figured out the buttons, it got easier to play.

I haven't tried using a keyboard or mouse to play. That would be interesting if I have a dex pad. But, the best part will be, I'll be able to whip out my phone and start to play the game, any time and anywhere. For such an addictive game, that's very important.

Using, touch to play isn't that bad either. There aren't any on-screen control and your fingers will be tapping on a tree or soil when you want to work on it. That's why using a controller will be much better. It won't entirely block your view. But, if you're playing on a bus or train, that won't matter.

The best part is you can play the game on the go. Work, or have a quick look at your farm and checking your email at the same time. The phone is basically what you use to work and play. That's why the more powerful the phone is, the better.

Maybe, one day, our phone will be the only thing we need to work and play. No more bulky laptops or computers. What if, we can just stop by any 'station' like the telephone booth of the old, where we'll just need to dock our phone and do some updating on an important presentation.

When we reached a client meeting room, again, we'll just need to dock it and show that same presentation we were working on earlier. After that meeting, you video-called your wife using Whatsapp to say hello and asked what's for dinner?

When you're at home, you just need to dock your phone to charge and at the same time watching some youtube videos. Play some games or start to work on a new project. All these with just your super-powerful mobile phone.

Your phone can also be connected to your house and be part of the smart home, ecosystem. Where you can turn on the lights, check your CCTV and just browsing the net. Definitely, an all-in-one powerful and portable mini-computer!

Nowadays, you can actually already do that. But, our phone is still not on par with an Xbox one console or gaming computer. It needs more powerful processors and graphics. It also needs a better source of power that can last longer than your average battery.

When will that be? You got me on that!

So far, an iPhone Xs max or S10+ is what they can offer right now.

Samsung Galaxy S10+ Plus 128GB+8GB RAM SM-G975F/DS Dual Sim 6.4" LTE Factory Unlocked Smartphone International Model No-Warranty (Prism White)

Too bad, you can't pair an Xbox controller to an iPhone. That's why I like my s10+. I can install Kodi to watch movies and retroarch for retro gaming. Which you can't do on an iPhone. I do like its iOS and free iMovie app. That's why I loved my iPad pro 10.5 inches, 2018 version.

I've been using my iPad pro since the day I bought it last year for my youtube channel. It's easier to record, edit and upload. Before that, I was using my iPhone 6 plusiPhone 7 plus, and Razer phone. With mobile editing software, I didn't even need a computer.

You don't need an expensive setup to start your own youtube channel. That's how a powerful phone can be the future. Mobile computing, for the mobile world. It's still a long way to go through. Like, I've said, it needs to be on par with the latest powerful pc or gaming console.

What, you think?

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Happy mobile gaming!

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