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Samsung S10+ Dex Pad Xbox One Controller REVENANT KNIGHT indie rpg gameplay

Samsung Galaxy S10+ Plus 128GB+8GB RAM SM-G975F/DS Dual Sim 6.4" LTE Factory Unlocked Smartphone International Model No-Warranty (Prism White)

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I found another cheap indie rpg full game called, REVENANT KNIGHT, on the google play store. I had to searched through the lots of in-app purchase rpg games just to find this of a gem. This game remind me of Animus. Which, kinda have the same gameplay.

This game aren't perfect. They said, on their page that the game have xbox one, gamepad support. But, I can't navigate through the menu with the controller. I had to use the mouse. Even then, my xbox one s controller didn't work properly. After, I un-tick the xbox gamepad box, I realized that maybe, they meant xbox one. And not, the latest xbox one s.

I can't use my xbox one s, trigger button and d-pad. I wonder, if my usb retro gamepad will work for this game. Beside, the controller, I can also use my keyboard to move around but, I can't find the attack or defend key. The mouse doesn't work for the game too.

The game arts are pretty cool. And, it looks great on my philips Tv. As usual, my samsung s10+ are docked to the dex pad and it plays like a console game. I need to remind you that, you'll have to set your phone to 'mirroring' to be able to go full screen and also be able to use the controller.

The game, been out for awhile and they have actually updated it. You can upgrade your weapons and magic every time you won the stages. But, the background doesn't changed. What you expect from a $0.99 game. It does get harder, with every stages and you'll have to go through the big boss!

I like the fact that, I can play this game on my tv with my xbox controller. I will be writing my review on their google play store page, asking if they can do something about the menu and maybe adding more backgrounds or expand the game. That is, if they actually can. Since, they're indie developer.

If only, this is a full fledge rpg game with story and free roaming. Imagine, having this kind of game on your phone. Being able to docked to the dex pad and play it on your big screen tv. That will be awesome. Too bad, most of the rpg on the play store are just half-fcked game with in-app purchases or ads. What happened to the gaming industry?

Get the Samsung S10+, Dex Pad and xbox one s controller for the ultimate console like gaming experience!

Samsung Galaxy S10+ Plus 128GB+8GB RAM SM-G975F/DS Dual Sim 6.4" LTE Factory Unlocked Smartphone International Model No-Warranty (Prism White)

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We need popular pc games to be ported to android. Those older pc games like L4Dead, diablo, doom, call of duty and many more. I'm pretty sure, those kind of game are small in size and they can be downloaded and play on the latest android phone.

The Samsung Dex pad should be able to help gamer play those kind of game on their monitor or tv. Just like a pc game with mouse and keyboard or an xbox controller. Of course, if you have a ps4 controller, you can use that too.

Samsung, need to have a talk with triple AAA and indie game developers. With the dex pad, console like gaming with just a phone can be achieved. It's definitely, something to look forward to. Who knows, our dream of mobile computing/gaming might just be around the corner.

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Happy mobile computing/gaming!

P.S. Samsung Galaxy S10+ Plus 128GB+8GB RAM SM-G975F/DS Dual Sim 6.4" LTE Factory Unlocked Smartphone International Model No-Warranty (Prism White)

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