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Samsung DexBook lapdock the future of mobile computing? Vote polls!

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus SM-G9750 - International Version - No Warranty in The USA - GSM ONLY, NO CDMA (Ceramic Black, 1TB/12GB)

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Is Samsung DexBook lapdock the future of mobile computing?

*Note: Click here to vote and see how many people want the Samsung DexBook concept to become a reality poll!

If you're wondering, where can you get this? You'll be disappointed to know that it's just a concept. It's designed by a guy named, Kwanjun Ryu. You can check out his work here. Actually, this concept been out for almost a year plus and Samsung haven't picked up on this?

There are actually some alternatives lapdock out there. But, so far, the only one you can get right now is the Hp Elite X3 Lapdock. It's the closest to using your phone as a laptop. If you get yourself the dex pad, you can use it with any monitor or Tv. There's some kickstarters project you can check out. But, most of the design is the same.

I'm scratching my head, why Samsung isn't working on a 'dexbook' for their various phone like the S9, note 9 or S10. These phones have Samsung Dex and you can use it as a pc whenever you link to your monitor. You would have expected them to improve on the concept design and ready to ship out by now?

Right now, there's a Linux on dex beta that you can already download on play store. I'm sure there are many who would love to work on it with the DexBook. This is what mobile computing are all about. All the data and power are available on your mobile phone.

Okay, some might say, Motorola ATRIX, Microsoft and Hp already tried but failed. I'm not entirely sure why they did. Maybe, the time wasn't right yet. Or, the phone wasn't powerful enough. Just, maybe, people didn't like Microsoft? Lol :p

The difference in the world today is that everyone already has a powerful mini computer in their hands right now. Everywhere, you go, you see people taking photos, videos, listening to music or playing games. People are spending more time on their phone then on their pc.

In the past, I've been using my iPhone to take pictures and videos for work. We also use WhatsApp for group chat etc. I also like to take videos, edit it using iMovie and upload on my youtube channel. All these just by using my phone.

Now, I'm using a Samsung S10+. And, I'm loving it. I already bought myself the dex pad, and like to link it up to my big screen Tv. There are some android games that are console like and it's fun to play using my xbox one s controller. You can even turn your phone into a retro gaming machine.

Having, something like the DexBook will totally enhance my experienced. For example, I like to link my WhatsApp account to my pc. So, whenever anyone msg me, I'll reply via my computer. Typing, on the keyboard, is much better. I can even leave voice msg or video chat without ever looking at my phone.

My mom, like to video chat with my sis with her phone or tablet. Having, something like the DexBook will definitely enhance her experience too. She also likes to play games and watch youtube. She can do all this while charging her phone on the DexBook at the same time.

I'm pretty sure, there's a market for the DexBook right now. I think people are ready for an all-in-one device. Samsung has many popular phones with the various design but Samsung Dex will unite them all. So, even if you don't have the latest, it'll still be compatible with the DexBook for years to come!

Case in point? The HP V8H07UT Elite X3 Lap Dock !

Just hope, Samsung are reading this!

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus SM-G9750 - International Version - No Warranty in The USA - GSM ONLY, NO CDMA (Ceramic Black, 1TB/12GB)

Samsung DeX Pad Desktop Experience for Samsung Galaxy Note8 , GS8, GS8+, GS9, and GS9+ W/ Fast Charge USB-C Wall Charger (US Version with Warranty)

HP V8H07UT Elite X3 Lap Dock

The Samsung DexBook, concept design look obviously better than the Hp or other kickstarters lap dock. It also integrates your phone usage with the laptop. You can use it as a trackpad or number pad. Add, security lock and unlock your phone with fingerprints or swipe.

There's a certain part of the design that they might want to change like the location of the speakers and having a fan below the phone dock. The phone will definitely get hot if you're playing games or just charging. It should be something like the Dex pad.

If someone called you on the phone, you can just answer or take off the phone from the dexbook. Once done, you can put it back or keep it. Who knows in the future, the pc or laptop will be obsolete and only become a shell to your phone.

Talking, about making the world a better place with less electronic trash!

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Happy mobile computing!

P.S. Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus SM-G9750 - International Version - No Warranty in The USA - GSM ONLY, NO CDMA (Ceramic Black, 1TB/12GB)

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