Thursday, April 25, 2019

Samsung s10+ Dex Pad ubuntu Linux on Dex Coding with Scratch

Samsung Galaxy S10+ Plus 128GB+8GB RAM SM-G975F/DS Dual Sim 6.4" LTE Factory Unlocked Smartphone International Model No-Warranty (Prism White)

Hey guys,

Check it out!

Now, you can code or learn to code on the go with your phone!

If you have a Samsung phone like my S10+ and a dex pad. You can hook it up to any monitor and start working or learning. With, Samsung Dex and Linux on dex, you'll get modified, Ubuntu 16.04 right on your phone. It's like having a full pc OS right on the phone!

I've been playing around, learning to code with Scratch and python on my raspberry pi 3 and, now having the ability to do it via my phone is totally awesome. But, one thing, Samsung needs to do is making a lapdock to make it easier to work or learn on the go.

A lapdock can be carried and use anywhere and everywhere. It can also charge your phone while you're using it. Also, you don't have to bring in a separate portable monitor and keyboard. Although, for the moment you have no choice.

This is the moment for Samsung to shine on with their Samsung dex and Linux on dex. I don't think there are any other phone companies that are working on this. A lot of people including developers are amazed at this project by Samsung. A full-on Linux on your phone?

Galaxy devices supported are for -

Android Oreo:
Note9 Tab S4

Android Pie:
Note9 S9 S9+ S10, S10e, S10+, S10 5G Tab S4 Tab S5e

Get the S10+ AND Samsung Dex!

Samsung Galaxy S10+ Plus 128GB+8GB RAM SM-G975F/DS Dual Sim 6.4" LTE Factory Unlocked Smartphone International Model No-Warranty (Prism White)

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Having to bring along a portable monitor with mouse and keyboard all tucked inside your bag isn't that bad. It reminds me of using my iPad with an Apple keyboard. Which, I usually used whenever I need to edit my videos before uploading to my youtube channel.

If you're a road warrior, this mobile setup wouldn't add much weight like a laptop would. Your phone is already in your pocket. And, the rest of the accessories would be in your bag. You'll still be using your phone as an errr.. phone. But, when you need it to be a pc, you're ready to go!

Get into mobile computing. Mobile computing is the future!

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Happy mobile computing!

P.S. Samsung DeX Pad Desktop Experience for Samsung Galaxy Note8 , GS8, GS8+, GS9, and GS9+ W/ Fast Charge USB-C Wall Charger (US Version with Warranty)

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