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Samsung Dex Pad turns S10+ into a Gaming Console RUSH RALLY 3 gameplay!

Samsung Docking Station, Baseus USB Type C HUB Docking Station for Samsung Galaxy S10/S9/S8/S10+/S9+ Note 9/8 Dex Station USB-C to HDMI Dock Power Adapter for Huawei P30 P20 Pro, Mate 10 and More

Hey guys,

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If you have the latest Samsung S10+, get a Dex Pad and you can turn it into a gaming console. Okay, it's not the same as the Xbox or ps4. But, almost console-like gaming. If you're worried about the phone overheating, the dex pad does have a built-in fan to cool it down.

The dex pad also includes a fast charge. So, you can also use it as a portable charger. It's pretty light too. Bring it to work or school. You can dock your phone to it and start working or just relax playing stardew valley on the big monitor.

Get yourself a, HP V8H07UT Elite X3 Lap Dock, and you can use your phone as a laptop. Hope, Samsung, will come out with their own updated version of the lap dock. It's much better to have all your data in one place. Samsung Dex, are a great way to fuse it all into one!

The dex pad will allow you to work or play anywhere in the house. Be it, in the kitchen, main hall or in the bedroom. We bring and use our mobile phone practically everywhere. It's basically, at the center of our life. We keep our photos, videos, movies, music and even work on it.

Instead, of having separate devices, why not just have one main device. Everywhere, I look, everyone is using their phone. They're either watching tv shows, playing games, chatting or messaging with their friends. It's their main choice of entertainment and communication.

The phone has actually become our main computer. Big computer, game console, and game developers companies have better learn to adapt. We have all dreams of a computer that can fit in our pockets. Well, the time has come. But, we need to improve on that.

For one thing, we want more full FPS, RPG, fighting or racing games. Right now, the play store is full of games with in-app purchases and ads. Worst, 90% of them don't include keyboard, mouse or controller support.

I'm surprised, there aren't any popular pc games that are ported to android. Maybe, because it'll be horrible, playing it with a touch screen on a small screen. Well, with the dex pad, you can easily hook up your mouse, keyboard or the controller and start playing on the big monitor or Tv.

The time is probably now for a change in the mobile game genre. No more crappy games in the play store. We want a console-like gaming experience. With the dex pad and more powerful phones, this can be achieved!

For now, get the Samsung Dex station!

Samsung Dex Station, Baseus Samsung Docking Station, USB C to 4K HDMI Adapter DeX Station, Desktop Experience for Samsung Galaxy S10/S9/S8/S10 /S9 /S8 Note 9/8, Huawei Mate 10/10 Pro/20 Pro, P20/Pro

HP V8H07UT Elite X3 Lap Dock

Samsung Galaxy S10+ Plus 128GB+8GB RAM SM-G975F/DS Dual Sim 6.4" LTE Factory Unlocked Smartphone International Model No-Warranty (Prism White)

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For me, using the Dex Pad and with Samsung, Dex desktop is the future. I'm also interested in checking out linux on dex. Linux is basically, like using windows. It has all the latest software and even steams. I don't think you can play a steam game but there are lots of free Linux games.

I like to play around with Linux OS. It's pretty cool if you can have it on your phone. It's like having a full pc OS. I can't seem to find it on the play store. Maybe, it's not available yet for my region. I hate that kinda crap. Although, it is still on beta.

I can't wait to try it out!

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Happy gaming!

*(Post updated on 14 Feb 2020)

P.S. Samsung Docking Station, Baseus USB Type C HUB Docking Station for Samsung Galaxy S10/S9/S8/S10+/S9+ Note 9/8 Dex Station USB-C to HDMI Dock Power Adapter for Huawei P30 P20 Pro, Mate 10 and More

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