Saturday, August 18, 2018

iPad Pro 10.5 DX2 shin megami tensei liberation gameplay

Apple iPad Pro 10.5-inch (256GB, Wi-Fi, Space Gray) 2017 Model

Hey guys,

Check out my gameplay of DX2 Shin Megami Tensei: Liberation!

It's the same authentic japanese style of graphics, design and gameplay. I love the fact that you can hear the characters speaking in japanese while giving you an english subtitle. I have heard of the game coming to mobile but only now decided to download and try it out.

Playing it on my iPad pro 10.5 are a joy. I'm a little curious why they won't let us play horizontally. Seem like they design it to play specifically for mobile phone. But, it's always better to hold the iPad and playing the game sideways.

The game though, is optimized for big screen. Unlike, some old app where you can opt to resize to fit the bigger screen or use it with the original phone sizes. Another gripe for me is that, this is a free-to-play game. Means, you'll have to buy stuff to upgrade. Right out the bat, they want me to pay $66 to buy 'gems'. De fck!?

I'm not sure if you can finish the game without paying. But, I'll rather pay a one time price then having to keep paying forever to play. In any case, I'll probably stop playing if it come to that. I'm the old gen type of gamer.

I hate today emphasize on eSport and multiplayer. I'm more into stories and playing solo. I like to play NEW game and trying out new adventures. I'll get bored playing the same game over and over again. What's the fun in that?

And, who the heck want to keep paying to keep playing?

That's probably why, I haven't bought any new games for awhile now. Okay, I've only recently bought games for my Nintendo switch. Forget about buying games for my xbox or pc anymore. Greedy developers don't deserve my money.

In the early days, I used to buy games for the mobile phones. Especially, for my sony-ericsson phone. I was also buying games for the iPhone in the early days. I stop buying (and playing) once they start the free-to-play but actually not free concept.

Only the new generation of players are getting used to that. Which, in the end caused problem and actually addictions for some. Frankly, there aren't any games that excite me anymore. Every game that came out seem to be only interested in esport or multiplayers.

You don't feel the need to finish games anymore except going for high scores. There's no story, beginning or end. Even, if there's a story, you'll have to keep paying to end the game!?

Talking about milking the cow. :P

Get the iPad pro for best entertainment and gaming on the go!

Apple iPad Pro 10.5-inch (256GB, Wi-Fi, Space Gray) 2017 Model

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By the way, are diablo and overwatch coming to the switch?

Probably, will only be confirmed by year end 2018!

Get it now if you haven't!

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Happy gaming!

P.S. Apple iPad Pro 10.5-inch (256GB, Wi-Fi, Space Gray) 2017 Model

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