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Unboxing Alcatroz Xplorer Go BT Keyboard for iPad Android & Windows

Arteck HB030B Universal Slim Portable Wireless Bluetooth 3.0 7-Colors Backlit Keyboard with Built in Rechargeable Battery, Black

Hey guys,

Check it out!

Finally, got myself a bluetooth keyboard to use with my iPad pro. I got the Alcatroz Xplorer Go BT keyboard at $19.90. You can use it with iOS, android and also windows. Definitely, useful for an iPad since it have many shortcut keys you can use.

You can control your ipad screen brightness, play and stop music, control the volume and others. Although, when typing on it, it's more natural to type on my Razer mechanical keyboard. But, it doesn't matter once you get used to it.

I was hoping with a keyboard, I'll be able to make my iPad pro as my main daily driver for work and play. But, there are still limitation to it. Like, I can't edit properly on my youtube channel video. There's no problem to type titles or descriptions. Only, it didn't saved when I come back to look at it on my pc. Weird!?

Another thing is that, I kept having to change the youtube app to go desktop mode. And, when I wanted to change the music background, it hangs. Seem like, I have to upgrade the browser version. I thought, I was using the latest chrome?

I was thinking of typing and posting this article via my ipad. But, I still don't have the confident to do so. I'll have to go through loops just to make this work. I'm not sure. Maybe, because, I'm already comfortable working on my windows pc. Or, it's easier?

By now, I'm beginning to wonder, if it's better for me to get the latest Microsoft Surface Go?

Working on an ipad, even with iOS 11 and a 10.5 inch touchscreen, may be too much of a stretch. It's great for your usual social media, gaming and entertainment consumptions. But, to use it as your main workhorse?

I had watched videos where some people managed to make the iPad as their daily driver. For editing videos or as a digital artist. They used apps that make their work easier. To be fair, it's still early days. Maybe, it'll get better. Once, I work out some kinks.

You have to remember, the iPad is not a macbook. Although, people swear the iPad are as powerful. Some even say it's almost at par with an i7 laptop. They even have the numbers to prove it. My only problem is, if you can't work on it like a normal windows pc, what's the use.

If you keep having to find a work around to get things done, then, what's the point?

For the moment, my iPad pro will complement my used of my pc for both work and play!

Get the iPad pro via the link below:

Apple iPad Pro 10.5-inch (256GB, Wi-Fi, Space Gray) 2017 Model

Logitech iPad Pro 12.9 inch Keyboard Case | SLIM COMBO with Detachable, Backlit, Wireless Keyboard and Smart Connector (Black)

Arteck HB030B Universal Slim Portable Wireless Bluetooth 3.0 7-Colors Backlit Keyboard with Built in Rechargeable Battery, Black

Oh, by the way. I only realized later that the bluetooth keyboard I had bought didn't have a backlit keyboard. I had always prefered backlit keyboard especially for my laptop. I like to surf the net in the dark, so that's why. It's not really a deal breaker for the ipad usage though.

Part of the reason, I wanted a bluetooth keyboard was to test it on my Razer phone and raspberry pi project. Being able to pair on your other portable devices would be pretty handy. That's probably why, I didn't get a keyboard case for my iPad.

This is really fun!

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P.S. Apple Pencil for iPad Pro, White

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