Friday, August 24, 2018

Found a 2009 apple wireless keyboard in the dumpster. Still works?

Apple Magic Keyboard (MLA22LL/A)

Hey guys,

My bro-in-law gave me a 2009 version, apple wireless keyboard that he found inside a dumpster. It was inside a plastic bag together with an apple mouse. I think the mouse not working anymore (*update: It didn't work at first. But, after I cleaned the green tint, it finally works!). I check out the keyboard and open it up from the middle cover.

I've never used an apple wireless keyboard before, so, I didn't know it uses batteries. I thought, you can recharge it via a cable or something from the left side. It's only, after I opened up the bottom part, carefully taking off the keyboard cable that I realized, it could actually still works.

I changed the batteries, put everything back together and pair it up with my iPad pro. I test out the keyboard and command. It actually works great with the ipad. Might, I add that typing on the keyboard actually feel good.

I've thought of getting the apple magic keyboard but since, the apple wireless keyboard still working great. I'll save some money and use it around the house. It also work with my android, Razer phone. Now, I have extra bluetooth keyboard to play around with. Cool!

I'm actually amazed, after so many years, the apple wireless keyboard are still working. I'm not sure why the original user threw it away. I think, they might have problem opening the tight batteries cover. I was struggling with it too. Seem, like a common problem. A bad Apple designed?

The latest, Apple magic keyboard design are a little better with rechargeable battery pack. I might still get it in the future. If you're interested, get it via the link below!

Apple Magic Keyboard (MLA22LL/A)

  • Completely redesigned, the Magic Keyboard features a built-in rechargeable battery and enhanced keys.
  • Thanks to an improved scissor mechanism under each key, you get increased stability and optimized key travel.
  • The Apple Magic Keyboard has a lower profile, for a comfortable and precise typing experience.
  • Long-lasting battery – powers your keyboard for about 1 month or more between charges.
  • Pairs automatically with your Mac. Requires Mac OS X v10.11 or later. Height- 0.16–0.43 inches. Width- 10.98 inches. Depth- 4.52 inches
To me, Apple product is very pricy but, from my experience using the iPads and the iPhones, their products are very well build with beautiful design. Of course, all thanks to Steve Jobs vision of combining, industrial tech and art.

In fact, until today, other companies are even copying that philosophy. The only problem is, the price. The price of presumed, premiums. I sometime, found myself paying for presumed, premiums. There are products out there that are much cheaper but without presumed, premiums. It's considered cheap and probably of lower quality.

I'm wondering if it's the market that decide the prices or the companies that makes these products that are controlling us?

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Good day!

P.S. Apple Magic Keyboard (MLA22LL/A)

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