Friday, August 24, 2018

Android Pie embraces the Xbox One S gamepad finally?

Xbox Wireless Controller - White

Hey guys,

I just read an article about Android Pie that might now easily let us use xbox one s controller to play mobile games!

You can read the article here, by Sean Hollister at Cnet main website.

If you have been checking out my blog and youtube channel recently, I've been complaining about the type of games that are available for android and iOS devices. Most of them doesn't allow us to use gamepad. Some games are made for touch but most gamers will prefer playing with a game controller. Obviously?

The tech we have today on mobile are pretty good enough for 'console' level games. Okay, you can't compare with an xbox x or ps4 pro, yet. Portable devices today, like the Razer phone and ipad pro are already good enough for at least oldies like Left4Dead, Doom, Diablo and other pc favorites.

There are already load of games on the iTunes and Google Play Store. It's very popular with millions of downloads. Most top games already include the ability to use a third party controller. I'm curious why Apple haven't design and build their own controller by now.

Microsoft, were smart enough to build in bluetooth on their latest xbox one s controller. So that, gamers can now pair with their android boxes, tablets, phones and of course on windows base pc and laptops. With the latest Android Pie compatibility, they'll be able to sell more!

The ball is in your court Apple inc. Get in the game!

After, Razer phone came out, I've been wondering, if Razer will build a bigger version of their phone. A tablet version. Just like what Apple did with their iPhone. Imagined, playing the latest FPS, console level games on a Razer tablet with an xbox one s controller?

People been talking about popular games like PUBG, Fortnite coming to mobile phones and tablets. One thing, these game developers didn't really thought of was that, gamer prefer gaming with a controller. Especially, now you can pair your xbox controller to your mobile devices.

HellooOoooooo... why didn't they right out the bat build the games with controller support? Why!?

Hope, Android Pie will really change all that. Also, really hope Apple will finally, update their iOS so that we can also game with an xbox or ps4 controller. I've send them feedback about wanting mouse and controller support for the latest iOS 12 beta. Finger cross!

Do it, Apple inc!!

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Happy gaming!

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