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Samsung Note 10+ Xbox1 Night Ops Camo controller GRID AUTOSPORT gameplay

Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ Plus Factory Unlocked Cell Phone with 512GB (U.S. Warranty), Aura Black/ Note10+

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Playing a console-like racing game with just your phone? Who would have thought? And, Grid Autosport has been out on the Google play store since 2014. But, with an advance phone like the Samsung Note 10+ and the ability to play it on a monitor with a dex pad is truly awesome!

The game can be played with an Xbox controller right out of the box. That's the reason why I got myself the Night-Ops camo edition. The gameplay is smooth and the graphics are on par with a pc game. Things are going to get more interesting when Samsung Exynos 990 comes out next year.

One thing for sure, we need more console-like games for the mobile phone. And, I'm not talking about those games that want you to pay to upgrade or whatever. Worst, when they don't even have controller support. I hate such games.

Touch screen control games aren't all bad. But, FPS or RPG games should have controller support. There are no two ways about it. Even my favorite sports, soccer games can't be played with a controller. If they can, I certainly didn't know. Most games don't even tell you if you can play with a gamepad.

There are few gems like Rush Rally 3 and Grid Autosport. You'll just have to pay once and you can enjoy playing the game offline. Just like the good old days. It's also fun to be able to play retro games too. It's like having a gaming console or gaming pc in your pocket!

Accessories for the phone will definitely improve that gaming experience. Get it via the links below for the ultimate mobile gaming setup.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ Plus Factory Unlocked Cell Phone with 512GB (U.S. Warranty), Aura Black/ Note10+

Xbox Wireless Controller – Night Ops Camo Special Edition

Samsung DeX Station Desktop 4K For - Note9,Note8,S9,S8,+ With Fast C TYPE Charger & Monster 1080p HDMI (US Retail Packing)

Touchscreen Portable Monitor Virzen HDMI Gaming Display Screen 1920x1080 IPS 13.3-inch USB-C 60Hz 10 Points Capacitive Touch for Computer Laptop Raspberry Pi PS4 Consoles

Redragon K552-BB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo & Large Mouse Pad & PC Gaming Headset with Mic, 87 Key RED LED Backlit Keyboard for Windows PC (Keyboard, Mouse, Headset Mousepad Set)

The mobile phone is not just a simple phone anymore. It's a workhorse and gaming machine. Use it for work or gaming during breaks. Take videos or pictures and edit them on the go. Take out your portable monitor and work or play on a bigger screen.

Samsung dex will help you navigate through your phone with a pc mode. Access your documents or files easily just like on your pc. No other phone does that. That's why Samsung phones have the edge. Samsung Dex is a stroke of genius. It's much better than just mirroring your phone.

Talking about mirroring, did you know you can mirror your phone to a pc or laptop? Now, you'll have the best of both worlds. Being able to work on a Windows 10 and android (Samsung dex). Switch between them or transfers files easily without needing a USB drive. Super cool!

A Samsung Note 10+ also comes with an S pen. This is pretty useful for taking selfies and if you're the artist type, certainly help in improving your drawing or even do a digital drawing and share with the world. If not, just doodles when you're bored in a meeting. Lol!

Samsung certainly help in the advance of mobile computing and even gaming!

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P.S. Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ Plus Factory Unlocked Cell Phone with 512GB (U.S. Warranty), Aura Black/ Note10+

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