Sunday, December 22, 2019

tech21 Evo Type Phone Case Keyboard for Samsung Galaxy Note10 plus

tech21 Evo Type Phone Case with Built-in NFC Keyboard for Samsung Galaxy Note10+ (Plus) - Black

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I've been searching for a keyboard case for my Samsung Note 10+ and there aren't seem to be any. Like, aren't there any companies out there thinking about building one? There used to be many types of keyboard cases for the android phone but they seem to vanished!?

Well, I did find one from Tech21, Evo Type phone case for the Note 10+. It uses NFC instead of Bluetooth to easily and quickly connect to your phone. There are no wires, no batteries or so whatever. Pretty nifty. And, it's also a case with a kickstand so you can use it as a laptop. Great for watching videos or movies.

I wish you can use it to type while on the go. If you're on a bus, a taxi or walking if you want to reply to a message quickly, it'll be flimsy. That's why you want a keyboard case, isn't it? To feel that tactile feedback and type more comfortably with a bigger view of the screen? I'll prefer a blackberry-ish keyboard for sure.

This keyboard case is more like a Microsoft Surface tablet. I guess it'll also protect your phone screen. Still, this is pretty close to what I've wanted. I can sit on my table at work and just type away messaging my friend, family or colleagues. I can even video chat since it's already on a kickstand.

Want one? Get it via the link below:

tech21 Evo Type Phone Case with Built-in NFC Keyboard for Samsung Galaxy Note10+ (Plus) - Black

  • Drop Protection: Scientifically proven to protect drop after drop up to 10ft
  • NFC Keyboard: Type quickly and effortlessly with an integrated near-field communication keyboard
  • Integrated Kickstand: Type larger documents comfortably wherever you are
  • Slim and Lightweight: An NFC connection means no wires, no batteries, and no unnecessary bulk
  • Magnetic Closure: Keep your device safe and secure wherever you take it
  • Plant-Based Materials: Get the same great protection from more sustainable materials
  • Designed to Fit: Samsung Galaxy Note10+ (Plus)

I wonder if I can wirelessly charge my phone with the case on. If not, I won't be able to use it with my charging pad. Also, what if I want to connect the phone to the dex pad for desktop mode? It'll be troublesome for me to take it out every other time.

Unless you have something like this below:

Plugable Phone Cube Compatible with Samsung DeX Dock, DeX Station, DeX Pad, Galaxy Note 9, S9, S9 Plus, S8, S8 Plus, S10, Tab S5e - Transforms Your USB C Phone to a Desktop with HDMI, USB and Ethernet

There's definitely a plus and also some question marks about the Evo type case. You'll have to think through before getting one. I might just try it out for curiosity's sake until at least, there's one that comes with hinges and keyboard that are as good as the blackberry phone.

What you think?

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Happy typing!

P.S. tech21 Evo Type Phone Case with Built-in NFC Keyboard for Samsung Galaxy Note10+ (Plus) - Black

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