Razer Edge: The World's First Tablet Designed for PC Gamers

Razer Edge: The World's First Tablet Designed for PC Gamers

Hey guys,

I'm pretty sure many of you have already seen the latest offering by Razer, the Razer Edge - gaming laptop in a tablet form.

Razer Edge Pro Gaming Tablet Click Here

I haven't been stoke about a product as much as this tablet. The reason being, I've been wanting a portable gaming laptop for so long, that's why I bought my current Alienware m14x (r1). It's still my main gaming rig. I'm actually typing this article on it right now. Nice, springy keyboard, I might add.

My m14x r1. Alienware tablet on the horizon maybe?

I have always love laptops (my first laptop was a Compaq more then 15 yrs ago!) more then a desktop mainly of course, because of it's portability. Also, I realized that every time I use the battery when normal surfing, it actually save on my electricity bills. Lol. Recently, I've bought an iPad for the same reason. I pretty much love it. It's so light, quick to access and you can use it basically everywhere. My only biff is that, you can't play the latest games like my favorite Dirt 2 or any modern FPS games on it. Ok, I play some FB games and even that I can't play some of it on my iPad because Apple don't like flash!

My 16gb iPad. I have more games then I can download on it!

That's why, I really like the Razer Edge gaming laptop in a freaking tablet form!

It's portable, it only weigh around 2 pounds. It's on SSD, which is pretty fast. Hate, that it's only 256Gb. I like to have my whole Steam games collections downloaded but you can't with just a 256Gb size. A windows 8 with touch screen. I have only heard or read bad things about W8 but I like trying out new things. The other day, I played with a HTC win phones and I kinda like it. It's different then what's android UI offering. I guess, windows 8 aren't that all bad, right?

Some gamer say that the Razer Edge are too expensive or the battery die out faster then you can reload your mp4. But, I see the Razer Edge as like any other portable gaming laptop. The battery will always suckz, BIG time. Unless, someone can come out with a better battery solution that can last as long as you would like to game on it then, you can't do much about it. Razer, are offering accessories like the console controller and keyboard dock with extra battery pack. So, at least it add a bit of more playable time to it. You'll have to come out with more dough though.

Right now, Razer doesn't have any competition for the 'gaming tablet' category. But, I'm wondering if Alienware or Dell looking at this niche market? I'll bet that they're waiting to see if Razer Edge gonna be a hit. I won't be surprise if Origin, Asus or any other company specialized in gaming laptop is looking at it too. Things, might just get interesting in the future. Yay, for consumers!

The Razer Edge Pro Gaming Tablet Click Here (currently on sale only in the U.S. and Canada)

For now, I won't be able to get my hands on the Razer Edge (unless, any razer pr reading this wanna surprise me with one) as it's only on sale in the U.S. and Canada. But, I'll be patient for now. Hey, patience is a virtue ay?

If it's on sale in my country, I'll certainly get the Razer Edge Pro. I'm a tech freak, so, I want this! Lol.

I'll definitely post video game play on my Razer Edge just like I did for my Alienware m14x. Until then, I'll just oggle it on youtube. For those of you living in the U.S. or Canada you can get it or order it online now at Razer main site.

Razer Edge Pro Gaming Tablet Click Here to get it bud!

Happy gaming!

P.S. Get your Razer Edge Pro Gaming Tablet Click Here!

Razer Edge

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