Friday, March 29, 2013

DIRT 3 lag fix for Pc

DIRT 3 lag fix for Pc

Hey guys,

The other day, I bought Dirt 3 off steams on dirt cheap sale around $8 bucks ( I love steam sales!). After, it finished downloading all the files and installations, I immediately fired it up to play. At the beginning of the game loading, it went well with around 30-50 fps. But, when I started to start racing, it began to lag so much that I was really disappointed as I know my m14x can play this game at least on medium to high settings as I can play Dirt 2 on it with no problem.

I decided to Google for help on Dirt 3 lagging issue. Check out on steams community and other sites. Finally, found this video I'm posting above on YouTube and decided to give it a try. At first, it doesn't seem to work. I tried editing the directx09 to 10-11 but it still won't work. Added, to that I just updated my steams client, Razer synapse for my Razer Naga mouse and my m14x was giving me error message. Tried playing via Razer game boost and the stupid game still lags too.

Finally, I tried following exactly the guy showed on the video which is to delete the "true" to "false" and "true again". Then saved. Tried playing Dirt 3 again and finally it works!

Set my game settings to medium-high and it doesn't lag anymore. So, I'm recommending that you guys try this tip if you're having the same lag issue. Oh yeah, since now i can play the game, I might make a video of  the game play on my m14x r1 soon!

I might also be making a gameplay video for Gears Of  War (first edition for pc) if I can find a software that can record the in-game video. I can't seems to use Fraps for this game.

Anyway, check out the video and enjoy Dirt 3!

Happy gaming!

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