My Alienware m14x - StarCraft II-Heart Of The Swarm Gameplay

My Alienware m14x - StarCraft II-Heart Of The Swarm Gameplay

Hey guys,

Check it out, my Startcraft II: Heart Of The Swarm gameplay on my alienware m14x r1.

Pretty smooth gameplay with 30-40 fps set all on high and with latest Nvidia graphic driver. I even setup my m14x with "Sarah" wallpaper and keyboard just for the heck of it. The pic inside the vid.

I'm only showing the first mission gameplay using free fraps as usual. It got my lappie a little lag but without fraps its smooth sailing all the way. Love the cut-out scenes and the story so far. Well, I always love this kind of stories. Why don't they make a movie out of it?

Anyway, hope you enjoy the vid.

Oh yeah, if you're looking for Heart of the Swarm guide, you might want to check this one out - click here.

Happy gaming!

P.S. Check the latest Starcraft II: Heart Of The Swarm guide - click here!

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