Sunday, December 16, 2012

Alienware m14x r1 - Diablo 3 The Larder

Alienware m14x r1 - Diablo 3 The Larder

Hey guys,

I've uploaded a video of me playing Diablo III on my alienware m14 r1 version.

It plays pretty smooth after some tweaking. Depending on your choice of settings. Mostly, I'm just interested in being able to play the game as high and as smooth as possible on my m14x. I really love my m14x. It could play any games I install on it and I'm just happy. It's portability is a plus. Yeah, I know I can buy or build a cheaper gaming pc but I don't know why I like laptop. And a powerful gaming laptop at that.

I've had my alienware m14x now for almost 10 mths and so far it didn't give me any problem. I do have some driver problem but after tinkering with it I manage to solve the problem. Ok, there are some games which you need to tweak but mostly it's playable at medium to high settings. Like i said, it depend on your preference.

Alienware have a better version m14x r2, m17x and m18x coming out right now and I'll love to upgrade mine to an m14x r2 version or the m17x. But, we all know how pricey alienware are, right?

Anyway, enjoy the vid and Diablo III is a good game to play on my alienware m14x.

Happy gaming!