Monday, January 27, 2020

Dock Pro 60 USB-C 4K Station with Game Mode For Nintendo Switch and Samsung Dex!

IOGEAR Dock Pro 60 USB-C 4K Station with Game+ Mode (GUC3C4HP)

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If you're looking for an alternative to dock your Samsung phone and use Samsung Dex then get the Dock pro 60 USB-C 4K Station with Game+ Mode from iogear. It's like killing two birds with one stone. Super awesome!

If you're like me and have both the Nintendo Switch and a Samsung Galaxy Note 10+. This will be great to bring along while traveling. For holiday or for work. Dock your phone to use Samsung dex or your switch to play on a bigger portable monitor or big screen Tv.

The best of all is that you can even charge your devices at the same time. So, no more worries about having to recharge your batteries while working or playing games. The design is also pretty slick and compact. Not too bulky or heavy to bring along when you're out and about.

When I bought the Dex pad, I actually tried docking my switch on it. But, it didn't work. I check it out and realized it's not meant to be used with other devices. Kind of a bummer. That's why something like the iogear Dock pro 60 is pretty cool.

Get it via the links below if you're interested:

IOGEAR Dock Pro 60 USB-C 4K Station with Game+ Mode (GUC3C4HP)

  • Dock a laptop, tablet, Android phone or Nintendo Switch via a single USB-C port
  • Dock and work on a Samsung Galaxy Note tablet via Samsung DeX mode with a keyboard, mouse & monitor
  • Connect an HDMI display/TV to view content up to 4K UltraHD
  • Use as a portable Nintendo Switch dock while traveling
  • Charge the host device with up to 60W of power delivery pass-through

Get it while stock lasts!

Get this Bluetooth keyboard and mouse for your Samsung device too!

Rechargeable Keyboard and Mouse Combo, Seenda Low Profile Small Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Set with Dust Cover for Windows, Black

The Nintendo Switch is still the best portable gaming console out there. Play your favorite game any time and anywhere. No more bringing along the heavier and bulky PS4 or Xbox One. For those long boring hours. A switch is still the best!

Get the latest with longer battery hours via the link below:

Nintendo Switch with Neon Blue and Neon Red Joy‑Con - HAC-001(-01)

Get it while stock lasts!

By the way, now that you can also dock your android phone on it. You can even play your favorite Android games on a bigger screen. Bring along your favorite controller and play games like PUBG or Call of duty. Way cool!

Get this controller that can be used for the switch, pc, and mobile phone!

PICTEK Controller for Switch, Rechargeable Gamepad with Phone Holder & Type-c Cable, 40+ Hours Battery Life for PC/Android/Switch, Gaming Trigger Joystick. 2019 New Version

Now your life is complete!

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Happy gaming!

P.S. IOGEAR Dock Pro 60 USB-C 4K Station with Game+ Mode (GUC3C4HP)

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