Friday, January 17, 2020

Post Your Products or Company Promo Per Article for $10 Bucks!

Click here to Post Your Products or Company Promo per article for $10 bucks!

Hey guys,

Check it out!

I'm opening up my blog for companies to promo their products or for those interested to have their articles on my blog. It's pretty straightforward. I'll post your articles here as long as it's not promoting anything illegal for $10 per article.

You can include links to your video on youtube channel like the above and links to whichever site you have. The format is up to you. There can be pictures of your products or whatever. Of course, it has to be well written.

The pros? Your article will be on my blog for as long as this blog is up. That could be decades. The more you post ($10/article), and linking back to your own site/blog, the more it'll be good for the search engine. So, make sure there are good keywords inside your article.

I'll also occasionally promote your article on my twitter accounts. Oh, and one time to my Games & Tech Facebook account. I always do that for all my posts. One thing to note is that I will only post ten articles per day here. That's my limit. It might be changed in the future.

For example, if I already have 10 articles to post today, and you're the 11th, I'll post it tomorrow. In a way, it's first come first serve. But, for sure your article will be up. Remember, once it's up, it'll stay up. Unless for some reason you want me to take it down.

I have people messaging me to post their articles or promote their products. This way, I could serve you guys for just $10/article per day. A win/win situation don't you think? And, it's only $10 per article and you'll get promotion for basically a lifetime.

Imagine visitors like a trickle of water from the tap. In time, that buckets will fill with water. If your article is good, it'll attract visitors to your website. That visitor might become a customer. The more article you post, the more visitors will come. So, don't stop posting!

How much do you value a customer? Just single customer earnings could be much more than that $10 you spend to promote a single article. No matter how you look at it, you're getting much more than what you paid for. Doesn't it?

If you already have an article ready and willing to pay the meager $10 bucks. Email me via my contact section. I'll reply as soon as possible. You can make the payments via my PayPal account. Pls, include comments on what's it for and email contact.

I'll contact you and you can send me an attachment of your article. I'll then post it up IF it's within the 10 articles per day limit. Pretty simple. Just so to be clear, I'm not promising sure-fire tons of visitors. But, a chance to promote your products or website on my blog.

My blog is important to me. I'm promoting it every day via social media and search engines. My visitors mainly come from social media, youtube channel and search engines like Bing, Yahoo, and Google. The more I post or your post with good keywords, they'll come. 

I guess that's about it!

You can email me for more info via the contact section.

Thank you and let's get to business!

Happy posting!

P.S. Click here to Post Your Products or Company Promo per article for $10 bucks!

P.P.S. A meager $10 per article for a (decades) link back to your site via articles is a good way to promote your site. Especially for search engines. Contact me now!

P.P.P.S. A post per day, make visitors come your way!

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